Friday, September 05, 2008

Part 2: You Want Proof......

...of liberal media bias?

Here is another example in a list that could stretch to the moon and back.

These days I don't get too hot and bothered about liberal bias in the media; I expect it as long as liberals are the majority in the media. But I will put this up, not because I'm hot and bothered, but just to show you a blatant example of said bias. This story is NOT an Op/Ed - it is a report from the AP - and it's so obviously biased that it is actually humorous, and the bias is evident in the very first sentence. Here's a taste.
Giuliani: Palin's time as mayor qualifies her
04-09-2008 - 07:52

Rudy Giuliani maintains that Sarah Palin is ready to lead the nation partly because she has managed a city, an argument that looks like comparing oranges to a Big Apple.

Take just the annual budget of tiny Wasilla, Alaska, where Palin was mayor. That budget this year is less than what New York City spent on just 80 new street sweepers for its Sanitation Department, for instance.

Ever since John McCain picked Palin as his running mate last week, Giuliani and other Republicans have been touting her experience as mayor of Wasilla, where she served her 6,000 constituents for two terms before ascending to the governor's office in 2006. The population of New York City is roughly 8 million.
Again, as in the lead story, when were the Republicans "touting her experience as mayor of Wasilla?" All I seem to remember is the media harping on the fact that she was "only a governor" and how that somehow didn't qualify as sufficient experience for being "only one heartbeat away from the presidency," a phrase that I have heard from virtually every reporter, pundit, and analyst commenting on the subject for the last week. Read the rest for a good laugh.

As usual, the media is shameless yet consistent, so they haven't let me down. And I know about the AP and their policy of reproducing content without permission and payment. Message to the AP: Fuck-off. Come and get me, but you better be packing more than a lunch and a gaggle of lawyers. Motherfucking pieces of shit.


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