Sunday, November 19, 2006

Anarchists and Marxists in Violent Protests

The G20 summit is in Melbourne, Australia this weekend, and just like in every other place they and the WTO meet, the unwashed, Leftist demonstrators got violent quickly:
RIOT police armed with batons and shields clashed with anti-globalisation protesters trying to disrupt the G20 summit that began amid intense security in Melbourne yesterday.

Mounted police forced back waves of protesters trying to pull apart barricades at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, where finance ministers and central bankers from 19 countries and the European Union were meeting...

Almost 3000 people from an alliance of left-wing groups, anti-war activists, environmentalists and religious organisations took part in the protest after a march.

Several police were injured in clashes outside the venue, including one officer who was taken to hospital with a suspected broken wrist.
Here's what they say they are all about and who they are:
The world currently produces enough food to feed the world. The decisions made in meetings like this mean people starve to maintain higher profit margins...

Why are people Protesting?

It is important to show these decision makers and the rest of the world that we, the people strongly oppose their greed and that they shall not do it in our name.

Who are the Protestors?

People from all walks of life attend these protests. Some groups include Make Poverty History, Oxfam, World Vision, Friends of the Earth, Jubilee Australia, Oaktree Foundation, church groups, unions, environmental groups, human rights groups, student groups, anti war groups, families and individuals.
Many of these "peaceful" demonstrators railing against globalization are animal rights activists and environmentalists, but:
Police officers on horses were forced to move away from protesters after some kicked the legs of the animals.

The crowd rushed after the horses but were stopped at a barricade blocking streets to the G20 summit, which is being held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel.
Some even threw urine-filled balloons:
Protesters at the G20 forum in Melbourne have thrown balloons filled with urine at police according to Federal Treasurer Peter Costello.
Being the brave folks they are:
A television journalist was reportedly set upon by 20 people and kicked and punched.
And one of our New Zealand moonbats got a bit of a hiding, poor baby:
Dan Rae, from Christchurch, New Zealand, sustained a cut to the head above his right eye when he was struck by a policeman’s baton.

Mr Rae, said he was trying to push a barrier forward toward the lines of police blocking Collins Street, when one officer lent over the barricade and hit him on the head with his baton.

"He took a full swing at me as hard as he could… I wasn’t expecting it," Mr Rae, told
What did he expect? Fuckwit.

As far as I'm concerned, the cops should be beating these left-wing radicals without mercy. John Howard should publicly announce that peaceful protests are fine, but destruction of public and private property and aggressive behavior toward police will not be tolerated and will be met with overwhelming, disproportionate, violent and deadly force.


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