Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Boobs on Bikes

Each year in Auckland since 2003 there has been a "Boobs on Bikes" parade, an event organized by a guy named Steve Crow as a promotion for his "Erotica Expo" convention that follows on the weekend. Of course, the morality police come out and protest the event that draws nearly 100,000 people who take a break during their lunch hour to ogle, cheer, and hoot at some hooters as the women they're attached to ride on the backs of motorcycles as they proceed down Queen St. This year it almost didn't happen as it was challenged in court.
In a judgment released yesterday Auckland District Court Judge Nicola Mathers rejected an Auckland City Council bid to get an interim injunction preventing the Queen St parade, due to start at 12:45pm today, weather permitting.

The judge said that though opponents may find the parade offensive or tasteless, the fact that 80,000 people attended meant a significant number did not agree.

After the ruling, Mr Crow accused the council of "running roughshod" over the rights of organisers and spectators by trying to stop the event, now in its sixth year.

"They're breasts," Mr Crow said. "And New Zealand law says that women can have their breasts out in public or be bare-chested just like a man."
My opinion on this is simple: If you don't want to see it, don't go there! The event is announced well ahead of time, so nobody can claim they were caught by surprise. And Mr. Crow plans to have one in the nation's capital, Wellington.
Mr Crow confirmed plans for a topless bike parade through Wellington on November 7 in the lead-up to the capital's first Erotica Lifestyles Expo.

Wellington City Council had not yet been asked for consent, but the parade would go ahead regardless and would feature a topless Prime Minister Helen Clark look-alike, Mr Crow said. "The ruling supports this, it is a legal event."
Of course, there is opposition from the Wellington City Council, like from this dip-shit, Wellington City Councillor Celia Wade-Brown.
Ms Wade-Brown said she was no prude but believed the parade was offensive to women and the capital's diverse ethnic groups. "It's a bit of a display that says a man's life is about motors and boobs."
Duh! So what's your point, and what rock have you been hiding under? Men like motors and boobs?!?!?!?! Who woulda thunk it?

They're breasts! The protesters cry that it objectifies women; causes men to commit rape; will lead to the downfall of society; blah, blah, blah - but I've seen many of these women's rights advocates, and they can only wish they were attractive enough to be objectified. Most of them are so fugly that they couldn't get laid in a men's prison or at a French whorehouse on Bastille Day. The other objection that comes up is the claim that it's pornography and that the participating women are porn stars, which is a red herring. Yes, the event is a promo for an adult entertainment expo, but only 4 out of the dozens of women are porn stars brought in from the US. Here is one of them, Veronique Vega, who isn't a blonde and doesn't have a chest full of silicone or saline implants:

The rest are regular New Zealand women.
About 30 women are expected to ride topless today, including a married Christchurch woman who was parading with her husband's blessing, Mr Crow said.
There are no simulated sex acts going on, unlike what occurs at the gay pride parades. The irony is that brothel-based prostitution is legal here in NZ. So I don't know what the big deal is. I mean, women's beach volleyball leaves no more to the imagination than does this event.

I think people have just read way too much into it by trying to put it "in context." They're breasts! And different people will put this into different contexts depending on their own morality and experiences.

And the real winner is Steve Crow who has gotten more free publicity over the bru-ha-ha surrounding the parade.

And, no, I didn't go; I have not been to one yet. Seems I am always working at the time and nowhere near down-town.


Blogger OINK said...

I'm puzzled as to the above photo -- why the sucker?......

3:02 AM GMT+12  
Blogger Oldcatman said...

Symbolism. OINK! (As if you didn't know.)

They need a 'field trip' to Sturges for a BOOB review!

3:32 AM GMT+12  

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