Friday, September 05, 2008

You Want Proof......

...that liberals are stupid AND insane???

Here it is, but I must warn you: The following displays of ignorance, stupidity, and outright insanity are highly disturbing.

OK, here's how it all began. Yesterday I was reading this story at Vilmar's site. Then I started a Google search trying to find out about something I heard on the radio earlier about the first mayor of Anchorage or Wasilla or somewhere in Alaska (I couldn't remember which) having been from New Zealand. I wasn't able to complete my mission because of what I am about to share with you.

I had Googled "mayor, Wasilla, New Zealand" and the fourth result in the search illustrates just how easily the public can be misled by innuendo and the complicity of the media - and how pathetically FUCKING STUPID a significant portion that public actually is (ie, Obamaniacs). Here are most of the responses. Read the whole thing, though. I mean it - the whole thing.
Resolved Question

Palin was mayor of the little city of wasilla?
I just saw a picture of wasilla's city hall... It looks like a bakery!? This is the notorious mayor experience ive been hearing all the republicans talk about... ?After this I'm supposed to feel honored to ignore all of my issues and vote for her? Why have we been cheated in this election...i don't think either candidate is fit to run our country. Do any politicians really care about america? Also is this the best person mccain could of picked out of all the qualified republican vp picks??
Best Answer - Chosen by Asker
I think people on all sides are voting for the "lesser of two evils" this go around. Anyone who thinks that either of these candidates is "perfect" for the job is living in la la land.
Did I miss something? I don't remember the Republicans spouting on about Palin's mayoral experience as qualification for VP.

Now here's a real fucking genius. Read this one, and forget the spelling and grammar errors. How many other things can you find wrong with this sub-illiterate's response, which displays an astoundingly complete failure (not really, I guess, if he/she is a product of public education) to grasp basic math and economics? (clue: lower taxes AND universal health care AND free college!!!!) I'm pulling my hair out as I type this, and my blood is boiling!!! How can people be so fucking stupid?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!
I do agree that mccain is not fit to run the country but obama certantily is........He will lower taxes bring the economy back to where we should be in the top 3 in the country give us as americans universal health care give gay people the same rights as us straights and most importantly pay for our children to go to college. I am a democrate and proud and Obama needs to bring change to this country so maybe you should look at this question before you make suggestions like this about obama.

Inexperienced and shows poor judgment.
McCain really shot himself in the foot by choosing Palin.
Palin should never have been chosen.

She is under the scrutiny of an investigation by the Republican-controlled legislature into the possibility that she ordered the dismissal of Alaska's public safety commissioner because he would not fire her former brother-in-law as a state trooper.
That's call abuse of power!
She has better experience than Barack Hussein Obama, even though she's nominated for vice president.

Experience is important, but a good heart, solid determination and great character are much more important.

This is what the people see about her and recognize. I hope that she and the honorable John McCain drive the scumbag Barack Hussein Obama and Biden from our midst, once and for all.

This woman is the best I've seen.
It is pathetic, I know. On top of that, she was only governor for 18 months... of a state with less people than my city, Detroit. And she wants creationism taught in schools. And she doesn't believe in global warming.

Honestly, I would love Biden/Obama '08. I will vote Obama/Biden, but it would be so much better the other way around. I agree, we were cheated. If McCain picked Romney, our country would stay in the same horrible condition. With Palin, if he wins, our country will get worse.

He should have picked Olympia Snowe.
LOL.... I think I read it was a town of 7,000. She is a real talent. Any PTA mom is now qualified to be VP...

Don't get me wrong, that experience is important, but not enough. National experience or real statewide experience is important for our leaders.

And Obama was president of the Harvard Law Review, which had 80 members at the time. You're right. That's real executive experience.

When did liberals decide that experience doesn't matter for the President, but it does for the vice president? Oh, that's right; Friday morning.
And she was governor of the largest state in the country. Both Wasilla and Alaska are doing very well economically. Why are you so elitist against the state? Why is your state better?
I think you need to do a little bit of homework on Sarah Palin. She wasn't ONLY mayor. She has accomplished a lot more than Obama has accomplished. Please, do your homework.
yes and now her teenage daughter is pregnant

and if something were to happen to mccain, she would be president
I like the bill. McCain/Palin has my vote. She's not the rich Republican. She's the average American who happens to be a Republican.
Let's talk about the national issues so we can find out what they think about the issues.
And here is the long-winded liberal who thinks he is the educated one when he's just the one with all the Lib/Dem talking points, followed by somebody with the GOP talking points which happen to be correct:
In an age where the two most important issues facing the county are the economy, security/foreign affairs, and the threat that China could overtake the U.S. as the world's superpower, McCain picks someone who has only traveled outside the U.S. once and has ZERO foreign policy experience and has very limited executive experience. I'm sorry, but being the mayor of Wasilla for 6 years means nothing. If you equate running the country to running a business, the U.S. would be Wal-Mart and Wasilla would be a local donut shop. Alaska would a mid-size company of maybe a few thousand employees. She wouldn't be ready to run Wal-Mart and she is not ready to lead this country if something happens to a 72 year-old President with a history of cancer.

While Barack doesn't have executive experience, he was in the Senate of the 5th largest state (by population) for 8 years and in the U.S. Senate for 4. That is the equivalent of being in Sr. Management for a 70,000 employee corporation, and then being an executive at Wal-Mart, certainly preparing him for the role of President. He has managed his campaign, which has a much larger staff and budget than Wasilla, brillianty and defeated arguably the most powerful political dynasty in the democratic party. 18 million people made Obama their choice to be president after 18 months of vetting him and listening to him beat Clinton and a field of experienced candidates in the debates so you can't even compare Obama's and Palin's experience. If Palin had run for President, do you think she would have ever made it past Iowa? NO!

Palin was solely chosen to appease the right wing Republican base because of her extreme social ideology and because she is a woman. The fact that McCain thinks women who supported Clinton will now support McCain because Palin is on the ticket is ridiculous. Palin views are completely counter to Clinton's on every major issue: universal health care, abortion, taxes, and the war in Iraq, etc. This choice is actually insulting to women who supported Clinton. John McCain has been running his campaign under the slogan "country first" but his VP choice does everythign but put county first, it puts the social conservatives first. If he wanted to put a social conservative on the ticket, he could have selected Huckabee. At least he has 12 years of governing experience. Palin is basically Huckabee in a dress, but with much less experience and even more conservative.

Finally, at what point did this country stop using intelligence as a primary criteria for selecting his president. The fact that Obama was the first black president of the Harvard Law Review proves that he is head and shoulders above McCain who was in the bottom 5 of his class at the Naval Academy. The office of the Presidency is the most difficult and complex job in the history of the world. I could care less if the President is someone who I could have a beer with or who is a hockey mom. I want the President to be the smartest person in the room. Haven't we learned what happens when we elect someone who is intellectually challenged as President. Wake up America. Don't make the same mistake!
OKAY, show me the picture of the hamlet/town/city/state Barry was the EXECUTIVE of...

Does she have big foreign policy chops? Other than some foreign trade experience, no. But neither does Obama. It's amazing to me how you can complain about Palin being a heartbeat away from the presidency, when Obama would be ZERO heartbeats away from the presidency.

Finally---the media is pissing me off. They continually paint Palin as this giant "surprise pick" and a "political unknown." This is complete nonsense. Sarah Palin has been mentioned as one of McCain's possibilities for VP for MONTHS. They ALL knew about her. Yes, she was seen as more of a darkhorse, but there was a list of about 10 people, and she was on it every time. The media is just annoyed McCain didn't tip his hand enough.

EDIT: Soooo according to Run-On-Sentence below being a SENATOR now makes you the EXECUTIVE??? (wonder how all of the other "EXECUTIVES" in the Senate would feel about Barry AND them being called EXECUTIVES)...
PhotobucketFortunately, not everybody was a moonbat, but most were, especially the one who posed the initial question. I realize that the Yahoo community forum isn't a completely representative cross-section of America, but it does represent a good portion of it; and that scares me.

I only hope that these fucking zombies don't vote...or breed.

Now, more than ever, it is imperative that you

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Anonymous Jim said...

John McCain is old and Sarah Palin is a MILF with a couple of kids with poor resumes.

B.O. can make a sentence a lot better than George Bush however he and Joe are a couple of scummy lawyers and will pee on your foot and tell you it is raining.

7:57 AM GMT+12  
Blogger Oldcatman said...

As announced on my last post. I'm voting for McCain/Palin.....

The stupidity to think it will be '4 more years of Bush' is not likely with McCain.

I got this link via an email this am:

The left/right boxing match roars on!

3:25 AM GMT+12  

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