Thursday, October 02, 2008

This is Just So...

creepy - and - wrong.

UPDATE: Apparently Youtube pulled the video. I've heard that the edict came from the Obamessiah, and I've also heard that the creator/organizer of the video, Kathy Sawada (the woman "choir director" in the video), pulled it for copyright reasons. Whatever. Given that while it was up at Youtube, comments had been disabled because, like all good, tolerant, little left-wing fascists, they don't like criticism.

Anyway, it is up at LiveLeak.

It's also back at Youtube under a different title.

Could you imagine the media outrage if this was done on behalf of McCain?

I don't care what adults do, but when they engage their children in indoctrination of this kind I don't know whether to get really angry or sad. I guess a bit of both. I don't care what anybody says, children at this age are not educated enough to form their own opinions about politics or socio-political philosophies. And it matters not whether it is right-wing, left-wing or anything else. It's wrong. This creeps me out in the same fashion as when I see kids at protests wearing little signs or shirts.

Leave your kids out of your activism and politics.

This reminds me of another era when children were brainwashed into a "movement".

And I am suspending Godwin's Law here. The similarities are so glaringly parallel.

Hot Air has more on this as well as some more historical "parallels". And the People's Cube has their own whacky take.


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Blogger Vilmar said...

Great find, Joe! I stole it. Natch!

11:23 PM GMT+13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I did see the "banned" video before is was banned--no basic plot line difference than the Nazi-youth video.

3:18 AM GMT+13  
Blogger BobF said...

The one bright side on this is that Casey Sheehan grew up he had two ultra left wing liberal parents. As a young adult, his views were diametrically opposed to his parents. There is hope for these kids yet but their parents are too far gone.

1:09 PM GMT+13  
Blogger Drew D. said...

Oh my f'n god. You've got to be kidding me. Wait, what am I saying, this shouldn't surprise me in the least. Talk about sick, I mean the DEFINITION of sick. Before I saw your second video, I was thinking that exact thing watching the first one. As I saw these poor brain washed kids chanting to the tune of their facist owners I immediatlely thought of the Nazi youth. If this was a Mccain ad? Holy shit you would see a storm, but it's OK because they are singing of the Emperor. I'm sure kids across the country will be singing that song every morning in place of the Pledge of Allegiance if he gets in.

6:26 PM GMT+13  
Blogger jdpeiper said...

in a word Joe,

5:51 AM GMT+13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just cant believe that the parents alow the public school system (which we all pay for as tax paying Americans) I am opposed to this kind of teaching in the schools my taxes help keep open. why are people not taking steps to get these teachers fired? They have seperation of church and state, but not politics. If my son were in this class you would see me on the 5 o'clock news raising a huge stink!! This is the F-ing the bad news is that it is looking like the STUPID have spoken as Nobama leads the polls. Hey Joe got any rooms for rent for when I move the F away from this soon to be communist country.

God Help Us All.

Todd B

6:50 AM GMT+13  

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