Tuesday, November 21, 2006

New Feature Added!

Kia Ora! (pronounced "Kee-ora" with a slight rolling of the "r", it's a Maori greeting of "hello"). This site is best viewed using the Mozilla Firefox browser which has many cool standard features and add-ons as well. We just added "Cool Iris." Move your cursor over any hyperlink on the page, and a blue/green box should appear to the right of the link. Move your cursor over that box, and..."VOILA!" - the link to the page will appear as an overlay, so you never have to click away from the page! Go ahead, try it....Pretty "cool," huh? (pun totally intended!)

We'll add new upgrades and features to make your blogging experience here at "the Yank" a bit easier and more enjoyable!



Blogger Vilmar said...

Very Cool!!!

3:05 PM GMT+13  

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