Thursday, December 28, 2006

Trump's Pole Too Big

...his flag pole, that is. Seems the Trumpster's 80' flag pole and the 15-by-25-foot American flag that flys on it is just too damn big for city hall. So they issued citations of ordinance violations, and now Trump is suing:
Donald Trump is suing the oceanside town of Palm Beach, Fla., for $10 million after being cited for flying an oversized American flag over his Mar-a-Lago Club.

Attorneys for the club filed a complaint Thursday, saying that flying the flag is a constitutionally protected expression of free speech - and that the large flag is a proper match for the size of the real-estate mogul's patriotism.
Apparently, to Donald the Trump's legal team, size DOES matter:
"A smaller flag and pole on Mar-A-Lago's property would be lost given its massive size, look silly instead of make a statement, and most importantly would fail to appropriately express the magnitude of Donald J. Trump's and the Club's members' patriotism," the lawsuit says.

...The citation was for having a flagpole taller than 42 feet, for not obtaining a building permit and for not getting permission from the landmarks board.
According to the article, Trump will donate any money awarded in his favor to veterans of the Iraq war.

Say what you want about the Trumpster, but how can you argue with this?
"The day you need a permit to put up the American flag, that will be a sad day for this country," Trump said in October.

Hat Tip: BobF


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I support "The Donald" 100%!

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