Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Consider the Following: An Encore Op/Ed

I have been busy doing some more admin-related stuff - playing with the template, etc. - and while doing so I came across this piece I published in early 2007. It is still relevant (since the left is still relevant), so it bears repeating.

Should recipients of public, tax-payer funded welfare be allowed to vote?

An Immodest Proposal

One way to stop the left in its quest for a socialist, nanny-state Utopia of complete state control is to prevent those on public, tax payer-funded welfare from voting. That's right: Those who are dependent on the hard work of others in order to sustain their very existence should have absolutely no say in how society is governed.

There is no rational reason why those who live on hand-outs from the public should be allowed to, in effect, vote themselves a raise. It's really quite simple if you think about it. Liberal parties traditionally are the ones promoting state welfare dependency policies, always promising to do more for the oppressed, down-trodden, disenfranchised - whatever. Those people vote generally for the candidates promising them more gifts from the tax payers. For the last 40 odd years the liberals have been promising and promising, making good on just enough of those promises to get themselves re-elected but not actually doing anything about solving the problem. To do so would mean that they are out of a job, and the narcissistic, egocentric mind of the liberal activist needs a cause to remain relevant. Indeed, it is the liberals' worst nightmare to imagine a world in which they are no longer relevant, so it is in the best interest of leftist ideology to perpetuate an underclass with a cause - real, manufactured, or merely perceived - that the liberals can champion. Removing the privilege of self-government from those who are the recipients of public charity will, over time, help to render liberals and leftism irrelevant and powerless, and may actually create incentive for the shiftless and lazy to get off their ass and become contributing members of society by getting a job and actually being responsible for their own lives.


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