Sunday, August 10, 2008


I'll get this out of the way first. As you probably (hopefully) know by now, I have begun making my own music videos (yeah, I know it isn't my music and it's only putting slide-shows of other people's photos to other people's music), tagged here as "Videos by Joe Ramen". They can now also be found at Youtube under my channel ID, Kiwi76RamenNoodle.

I'll be doing more soon, but I'm currently stuck with using Win-doze Movie Maker. It is not a very good program. It crashes all the time, forcing me to save after nearly every edit or transition made which almost always caused it freeze. I have used it on three different computers with over 1GB RAM, so I know it isn't for lack of memory. I have read a few tech reviews and they all say the same thing, basically: The program is shit, especially if you're a fussy perfectionist fuck like me, trying to get that edit exactly timed with a particular beat or lyric in a song. If you just want to throw stuff together willy-nilly I guess it's OK, though.

If anybody has any suggestions on other software that doesn't cost a testicle and a first born child, please let me know.



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