Friday, August 15, 2008

Retraction and Apology

Early this morning I posted as a lead-off piece an erroneous story about Obama and taxes. Thanks to reader Jason providing me with a link to, I was made aware of my error (I also checked it at Snopes). I received a chain email from a mate, but in no way do I hold him accountable. It was my choice to run with it. Normally, when I receive those chain letters from anybody, I immediately assume they are false in their allegations or claims and vet them accordingly through sites like FactCheck or Snopes, both very good sources (I prefer Snopes) for weeding-out fact from fiction as they do their research and provide sources for their information. On this occassion I failed to do so. I got lazy, and that is no excuse. I am not Jayson Blair, and this is not the New York Times. I immediately deleted the post, and I apologize unequivocally.

No matter what my personal feelings are regarding any subject or person, it is not my intention to spread lies, false or unsubstantiated allegations, rumors, or innuendo. That does not serve the quest for knowledge or truth; once that is abandoned one is relegated to the realm of propaganda which is counterproductive to whatever it is one is trying to argue or assert. Often, too, it can backfire and only serve to strengthen one's opponents. I prefer to leave that to the communists, socialists, fascists and other extremists on both the right and the left that walk among us.

I urge all of you to check those multi-forwarded emails at the sites provided (I have also added the links in the sidebar under the heading "Information and Fact Checking") when you receive those emails from friends and family. Bookmark the sites. Type part of the email title or the general subject of the email in the site's search engine, vet them, and, if found to be false or even containing only small elements of "truthiness," DELETE THEM, AND DO NOT PASS THEM ON.

Once again, my apologies.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate it when that happens! Too bad the NY Times and Washington Post aren't as quick when they publish erroneous news, eh? And yet they hate bloggers---who, as far as I am concerned on the "right wing", have more integrity and sense of ethical behavior than the mainstream media could ever hope to have today.


10:08 PM GMT+12  
Anonymous OINK said...

The members of my old Vietnam outfit are the worst at believing any internet rumor that sounds good. I'm sorry to say that bullshit abounds on our blog. "STARBUCKS DOES NOT SUPPORT OUR TROOPS" can't you just see those Yuppie bastards sipping their fat free lattes, tapping on their laptops, and not supporting our troops? Total bullshit.

12:36 AM GMT+12  
Blogger Joe Ramen said...

Frankly, for me, it's embarrassing. I don't often publish those emails, but when I do I usually check them, like I said. I take a certain amount of pride in the research I do when I'm into something "heavy," but I got caught out with laziness this time, plain and simple. Thanks for your understanding and support.

1:07 AM GMT+12  
Blogger Oldcatman said...

Joe, considering the volume of STUFF we have to draw from, I'll be damned if I will do a "truth check", short of common sense.

If the a writer says OPINION then we are "cleared."

When it comes to OBAMA I could care less.

Interesting note, the same
syndication that Ann Coulter writes for now has political opinions of the one, the only CHUCK NORRIS (if you don't like his opinion then he'll kick your ass!

Keep up the good work!

1:38 AM GMT+12  

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