Thursday, August 14, 2008


I have marketing a new drug that I call OBAMACAIN '08(tm), due to its numbing properties. It is branded and trademarked, so if anybody uses it without giving me my propers, I WILL hunt you down and eat your family!

As an independent libertarian with conservative leanings and no party affiliation whatsoever, I realize that there will never be candidate that espouses my exact view on things. I think that is true of most people regardless of where they fall in the political spectrum. But I am sick of the GOP trotting out dud after dud, and the Donks parading their latest Manchurian candidate, Barry Hussein Obambi, as the second coming of Christ - or Muhammed. Whatever. I just have to laugh and remain aloof to the whole charade. If Obambi wins the election - and I think he will - and turns out to be our worst nightmare yet, putting the US in serious peril, the powers that be will off him. Otherwise, we'll have McCain and four more years of, well, "Nothing to see here...move along..."

Every election is "crucial." Yeah, right. I'm getting sleepy already. Yawn...



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