Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Don't Mess With Texas

"I was sleeping and all of a sudden they busted through the door," Keith Hoehn said. "My wife had a 12-gauge in her face, and he told her 'Don't you scream, bitch, or I'll blow your F-in head off.'"

"How could I have fought off a 300-pound man? When he got shot he kept coming. I got to figure he wasn't sober."
The short story. Two guys break into a house. Wife awakens to one of them pointing a shotgun at her face. She screams, and husband wakes up. They wrestle with the attacker. Wife smacks attacker over the head with a candle holder. Husband takes shotgun away from him, and wife wrestles with second attacker who has a handgun. Meanwhile their two children armed with a pellet gun hide in their closet. The fight continued out into the front lawn. Husband shot one dead and injured the other.

Here's the detailed account. There are many morals to the story. One of them is, "Don't mess with Texans." Come up with any others of your own.



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has a good one) rule!

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