Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A Fresh Perspective

Being away from the blog for just over a week, processing all the post-election hype and spin - taking it all in, so to speak - I discovered a new outlook on...well...just about anything and everything, I guess. It's a zen sort of thing, right up there with "whatever" and "that's cool."

It's called "I don't give a fuck." Zen with an attitude.

Or "I don't care" if one must be politically correct (although that would be incongruous with the philosophy - If one doesn't give a fuck then one certainly doesn't care about being politically correct to begin with, does one?).

I suppose that this wonderful new mindset seems eerily similar to another condition known as apathy.

Merriam-Webster OnLine defines apathy as such:
Main Entry:
Greek apatheia, from apathēs without feeling, from a- + pathos emotion — more at pathos


1 : lack of feeling or emotion : impassiveness
2 : lack of interest or concern : indifference
That pretty much sums it up, and the "I don't give a fuck" attitude is more or less a statement of indifference, even defiance. It is a liberating feeling to able to say, "I don't give a fuck," - and MEAN IT.

How did this come to pass? It was only a few days ago, listening to talk radio where global warming/climate change/CO2 emissions/methane/cow farts/carbon credits/Kyoto was being discussed. The host was neither a true believer nor a denier, and the debate was good. And then it hit me, one of those thought-distilling, somebody flipped on the light switch kind of moments:

I don't give a fuck.

I'll bet you that if you talked to one hundred people who are true believers - you know, the ones who cite the "consensus of the world's leading peer-reviewed climatologists" and argue the "science" of it all - you would be lucky to find 10 who have read the actual IPCC Report AR4. Not the "Summary for Policymakers", the actual Report. I have read most of it, and, even with a scientific and engineering background, it ain't easy readin'. I will not discuss or debate the issue any longer. I can't be bothered.

I just don't give a fuck.

Even if I accept all the dire (many of them not as dire as so many in the media would have us believe) predictions, I still don't give a fuck.

The sea level is going to rise?
I don't give a fuck.

It's going to get hotter?
I don't give a fuck.

Millions of people are going to die?
I don't give a fuck. And on that note, not only do I not give a fuck, I'm actually counting on it. I'd actually like to raise the ante to...I don't know...say, two or three billion. Because that's what the REAL problem is here, folks: Too many fucking people. Half of ya' need to go.

Hmmmm, that doesn't sound very dispassionate or disinterested. As a matter of fact, that sounds downright mean and uncaring.

Guess what?

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Blogger Vilmar said...

Joe, I have come to almost the same conclusion. At age 56, on the increasingly accelerating downward slide of life and no longer in the job marketplace (I figure I am doing my part to "help the economy" by not taking a job someone needs more than me) I find myself not giving a fuck more and more. Anything these assholes want to do will change my life very little in the time I have left.

1:02 AM GMT+13  
Blogger Oldcatman said...

Vilmar, can you imagine being 68?

The only thing I truly NEED & FIGHT for are my immediate personal needs....

The rest of the FIGHTS are blog fodder.

Does this lead to anarchy?

5:24 AM GMT+13  
Blogger Drew D. said...

AMEN to that Joe. While I do feel a need to do something and act in defiance to this over throw of my nation by the Socialists I do feel the same apathetic disenfranchised emotions as you do. I was also listening to the never ending arguments and bickering over the last few weeks, and comically the same phase floated through my cerebellum; I don't give a fuck anymore. I find myself rooting for everyone just to shut the fuck up more than I care about the actual issue. I also highly agree with you in terms of the necessity to thin the herd so to speak. Half of ya DO need to go. Just as a side note, I find it humorous how the Arctic poles are hitting record -40 degrees F. yet they still say the ice is melting. Last I checked my freezer doesn't get any where near that and my ice cubes are still hard. But anyway, I appreciate your sentiments and you are not alone. I have actually found it to be a clever way of ending a forthcoming argument with a liberal. Interestingly enough they get more mad at the fact that "I don't give a fuck," than if I hit them with my knowledge. Because when you tell them how it really is and illustrate their ignorance to them they just go into loser denial. But when you show that you don't have the same bleeding heart "compassionate," "save every beaver," "destroy the oil comps." attitude they seem to get even more flustered. Because now it's not a debate, it's simply I don't give a fuck..... about your ideas, about the rain forests, or about YOU in general. Anyway I think I'll stop now, I would say more, but

I Don't Give a Fuck.

10:00 AM GMT+13  
Blogger Mae said...


Now you know why my i.d. was/is Apathy or freedom, I never gave a rats arse about what others thought.

Seems to be rubbing off.

12:20 PM GMT+13  
Blogger Vilmar said...

Makes sense, now, Mae!

12:44 PM GMT+13  
Anonymous Lisa said...

You guys sound so morbid.

1:52 PM GMT+13  
Blogger Mae said...

Lisa, I wouldn't classify it being morbid. Rather I can't be bothered with the blind misinformed masses, who have jumped aboard these liberal ideals in order to give themselves a sense of self worth while holding no personal responsibility (others will pay for my beliefs, no...not me syndrome). A negative response to their belief by way of "I don't give a rats arse," really is a successful conversation ender.

6:12 PM GMT+13  

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