Thursday, September 03, 2009

Can You Handle the Truth?

This might make you uncomfortable; it might upset your sensibilities and beliefs about the “system”. You might not agree with all his observations, but for the most part Carlin hits it on the head, especially his observations on the dismal state of education and why it is the way it is.

Go ahead. Watch and listen – if you can handle the truth.

Here's another one for you. The next time you're behind somebody with one of those "My child is an outstanding citizen at such-and-such school" - type bumper stickers, remember this clip from Carlin.

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Blogger Steel Turman said...

Joe, this reminded me of a child throwing a tantrum about something he can't quite grasp - some 'adult' issue that he doesn't yet have the more intricate emotional matrix to apply.

Carlin is quite correct in the macro sense here. He has the motives, mindsets and methodologies involved down pat, but he is unable to see the entire model probably due to his own 'lack of education'.

For purposes of this comment I equate education and experience - not the rote and indoctrination he refers to in his rant. I have dwelt at the Center of the Universe, NY. NY. 10005.

It's not the 'corporations' or CEO's that run things in America, nor for that matter - the World. That vision of things reminds me that James Coburn/Godfrey Cambridge movie - 'The President's Analyst'. The uber-enemy was 'The Phone Company'.

Corporations are also pawns in this game. Or more exactly rooks. There is yet another level to the hierarchy of which Carlin speaks. People you seldom, if ever, hear about. The truly powerful. The really rich.

I've crossed paths with some of those people and they are frightening to behold. They think nothing of blowing up ALL of the major bridges (3) in a sovereign nation to merely temporarily impede the transport of copper ore from but one of a half dozen major producing nations just to profit from monstrous futures positions.

They don't care about the money, the politics, the impact or collateral damage. Their only concern is winning the game they are engaged in - life. THEIR life. It is manipulation on an unimaginable scale.

Most of the players, while often shrewd and diabolically devious, are usually very limited in their schooling. They know only what they need to know about anything in order to use it to win. For the most part - intellectually shallow, often semi-illiterate at worst or woefully unread at best.

I don't fault Carlin for not understanding this nor being pissed off enough to rant. I do think his sentiments are so widely held that it virtually eliminates any possibility of addressing the problem. That thinking provides cover for the real culprits.

That is what I find disturbing about Carlin's rant. All that wasted indignation. If he only knew. If WE only knew. The best name I can toss out is, of course, George Soros. But once he sought publicity he became a pariah to the rest. That's one major reason he's become so political - he might as well because he can no longer play with the 'big boys'.

Historically, there has always been that rarefied strata of power. Nothing has or can be done about it - it's a fact of life. I guess you could think of it as parasitic. It's more symbiotic and without it the host would probably die.

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Blogger Joe Ramen said...

Steel, I agree with you, and that's why I qualified my intro with "you may not agree with everything he says..."

But, like you said, Carlin is right in the "macro sense." We are owned. Our education system is an indoctrination system designed to produce "obediant workers."

That's what I agree with him on. I have never thought of those greeedy, eeeevil corporations as such, but I do acknowledge that there are a handful of people "behind the curtain", so to speak; those who call the tune that big corporations and politicians alike dance to. People like Soros and those of whom we have never heard or those of whom we have heard but would never guess in a million years as being among the main power brokers.

I guess what I did identify with in this rant was the fact that our system is broken and that it gives us, the wee folk, the illusion that we still have some kind of power.

11:08 AM GMT+13  

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