Sunday, July 19, 2009

Take Some Fast Rides

I know it's been a while, but once again I'm back. I think I'll avoid politics almost altogether and focus on fast cars and bikes, music, etc. So let's get started, shall we?

I've been scouring Youtube and acquiring some great videos of fast rides from the past and present. This first one is an on-board video of Alain Castellana at the Gemenos Hill Climb in his Norma M20-3A (contrary to the title of the video, it is not a "Can-Am" car), powered by a hyper-revving BMW M-Power based, 3 liter in-line 6 with close ratio gearing. Go here for some photos of the car. This thing is insane fast and comes off the line like a rocket, and the guy knows how to drive it! Enjoy!


Next is a video featuring George Plasa driving a Judd V8 powered BMW E-36 prepared for hill climb events. The engine revs to over 10,000 RPM and makes a reported 560 HP from 3.4 liters normally aspirated.


In this video, which is on-board during a road-course track event, you'll notice the whine from the sequential shift, straight-cut gears (suitable for racing only; most street cars have helical-cut gears with synchros) as will your pets - or women - who may happen to be in the room with you at the time. It really is quite deafening as it gets into the top three gears. Different car and driver, but it seems to have the same or similar powerplant set-up as in the previous video.

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Blogger Vilmar said...

What in the world was the Judd Porcshe made of that it left so many sparks on the turns? I would have thought his "fairings" or whatever those bolt on attachments are called along the sides, front and back, etc. would be made of fiberglass.

10:34 PM GMT+12  
Blogger Joe Ramen said...

LOL, you mean the BMW-Judd. Most all the side skirts and front and rear splitters, regardless of whether or not they are fiberglass, composite, or carbon fiber, have strips of thin aluminum riveted to the bottoms to keep them from getting destroyed when they scrape the ground going over bumps and such.

10:50 PM GMT+12  
Blogger Robert said...

Those were pretty neat.

12:13 PM GMT+12  

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