Saturday, December 30, 2006

Saddam Death Watch: Time is Running Short

Saddam Hussein could be sucking my air for only a few more hours according to reports.
BAGHDAD, Iraq — Saddam Hussein's date with death appears to be just hours away. The former president of Iraq will be hanged before 10 p.m. ET Friday night (6 a.m. Saturday in Baghdad), a top Iraqi official has told the Associated Press.
Hussein's lawyers filed documents Friday afternoon asking for a stay of execution. The 21-page request was filed in U.S. District Court in Washington before Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly.

Attorneys argued that because Hussein also faces a civil lawsuit in Washington, he has rights as a civil defendant that would be violated if he is executed. He has not received notice of those rights and the consequences that the lawsuit would have on his estate, his attorneys said.

"To protect those rights, defendant Saddam Hussein requests an order of this court providing a stay of his execution until further notice of this court," attorney Nicholas Gilman wrote.
WTF, mate? Hey, Nick, this is waaaaayyyy beyond you and some civil lawsuit now. How the hell can you twist it so that somehow Saddam has rights protected by the US Constitution? What happens in law schools that turns otherwise sane people into self-absorbed, ego-maniacal lunatics? It's an Iraqi matter now, you fuckwits! Just shut-up and go away already!

Personally, I think Saddam should have been shot on the spot by the guys who found him cowering in his little hole and buried there...after they sent his head to al-Jazeera.

Message to Saddam: Aloha, Snack Bar, mother fucker!


Blogger BobF said...

The US Supreme Court couldn't stop Saddam's execution if they wanted to. Iraq is a sovereign nation, subject to it's own laws, not those of the United States.

2:35 PM GMT+13  

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