Friday, December 29, 2006

Vilmar's Corner

Our good blogging friend, Vilmar, the sole proprietor of the now-defunct Right Wing Howler, is out of the blogging game for now. I'll get into the why and how of it in a post later this weekend, but if you click on the link to his former site, you may get some indicator of what transpired a few weeks back.

Vilmar was my mentor. My association with him began over two years ago when he co-hosted at Barking Moonbat, and our on-line friendship grew when he left that endeavor to start his own blogging project. He inspired me to start our former blog, Bohemian Conservative, and allowed me the privilege of guest writing at his new blog. Many in our blogging community were saddened to see Vilmar leave the blogging scene (especially under the controversial circumstances), but I understand his reasons for doing so and support his decision.

Anyway, Vilmar sends me news links on a regular basis, so it's the least I can do to post those links along with his accompanying commentary. So here is Vilmar's Corner:
  • Trash police in England give HUGE fines for putting Christmas wrapping paper in recycle bins. The enviro-nazis are trying to do the same thing here (in the US). Give them a few more years.
  • Our military is bending over backwards to make it easier for muslims to include prayer rooms at installations. Funny how the ACLU is not getting its knickers in a twist over this one. Will the military give the Episcopalians or Methodists or Jews their own worship facilities? NO! They have to share the base chapel. But Muslims? Give ‘em anything they want!

  • These two are closer to home. Down Under readers take heed:

  • The Australian version of CAIR gets a big defeat in a Victoria Supreme Court case where two pastors were arrested for “vilifying” muslims by quoting the Koran. Imagine that! You can’t even speak your opinion in a church without getting ARRESTED in Australia! Imagine if they were common citizens without the resources to fight this in court? They’d be rotting in jails right now.
  • Religion of tolerance proves their intolerance in Malaysia


Blogger BobF said...

Excellent idea Joe and a good way to get some of Vilmar's comments back on-line. I was going to write him and suggest that he blog exactly what he's been sending us; links and short, to the point comments.

1:58 PM GMT+13  

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