Wednesday, January 17, 2007

More muslim Bullshit: Chipping Away At The Stone

I and countless others write about the militant nature of islam and its creeping, incremental erosion of Western culture. Only liberals and complete morons (is there a difference?) cannot or, more accurately, will not recognize that tolerance run amok will destroy our societies over time because that would mean they would have to admit that their liberal beliefs are seriously flawed and abandon them. For a group of people who espouse "change" and "progress" and prides itself on "pragmatism over dogma," liberals are quite resistant to re-examining their own beliefs and policies - on the contrary, they cling to them that much tighter - even when overwhelming evidence indicates that continuing the same behavior will ultimately lead to their own demise. For liberals, their egos must be more important than their very survival, which by default means they are suicidal and obviously either in denial or incognizant of their own dimentia - further proof that liberalsim is a mental disorder.

Here are just two in a growing list of examples of how, little by little, liberal/PC kow-towing to the militant muslims who make the most noise, and tolerance-turned-accomodation-turned- acceptance/validation of muslim culture could, if left unchecked, turn Western culture backward by providing tax payer funded "separate but equal" facilities and services specifically for muslims.

First, in Christchurch, New Zealand muslim women want their own tax-payer funded swimming pool.
There are calls for special pool facilities to be set up for Muslim women so they can swim without compromising their religious beliefs.

Naaz Shah of Christchurch said many Muslim women had no opportunities to exercise and were putting on weight as a result, the Press newspaper reported today.

"They become medically unfit. Their health is affected and they're quite depressed," she said.
We know the importance of swimming in muslim culture. Remember that gold medalist swimmer from Crapistanabia in the Olympics?....(chirp...chirp...chirp...chirp)....yeah, neither could I.

A good op-ed puts this in perspective and begs one to read between the lines of what the real agenda is.

Second, in England, Muslims want their own culturally sensitive medical care, again, at the expense of the tax payer.
MUSLIMS should get special treatment within the NHS, a top medic claimed last night.

Prof Aziz Sheikh called for “faith-based health services”. He wants same-sex doctors, information to ensure treatments do not contain alcohol or pork, extra prayer rooms and circumcision for baby boys on the NHS.

The professor, from Edinburgh University, said in the British Medical Journal: “Muslims have the poorest overall health profile but there are few faith-centred initiatives aiming to improve health outcomes for our largest minority faith community.

“Many Muslims, to maintain modesty, prefer to see a same-sex clinician but such choice is typically unavailable. Male infant circumcision should be available throughout the NHS and more access is needed to prayer facilities.”

But Prof Aneez Esmail, of Manchester University, said: “It’s not practical. Members of the same religion are not all the same and their needs may be different. Going down this path risks stereotyping.”
Ummmm..."going down this path risks" more than stereotyping. It risks collapse of a society, not only socially and culturally, but economically as well. Funny how it seems we have come full circle: "Separate but equal" now translates into "cultural sensitivity" and "tolerance." I remember when "separate but equal" was called "segregation."


Blogger BobF said...

So, it's the fault of the New Zealand government that Muslim women are getting fat? Like they had swimming pools in the Middle East where a quart of water costs more than a gallon of gasoline. Maybe they need to get back to tending the goats, sheep, and gardens to keep the pounds off.

What the heck does religion have to do with keeping healthy? They're lucky to even see a doctor in the Middle East and in England they have access to free medical facilities, the same ones English Citizens of every faith have. Maybe the Catholics, Buddhists, Episcopalians, Hindu's, and Atheists will want their own medical facilities too.

You notice that in both incidents it was somebody else's fault for their overweight and health conditions. Muslims and Liberals have a lot in common as it's always somebody else's fault for them not accepting personal responsibility.

4:39 PM GMT+13  
Blogger Joe said...

What you wrote is true, Bob. Where I'm going with this is the incremental erosion of Western culture. Could you have imagined anybody giving serious consideration to this kind of segregation 20 years - even 10 years - ago? If these type of demands are met now, the public gets used to it. Then a little more and so on.

The muslim pressure groups are being very cheeky with these fishing expeditions - and that's all they are. The muslims are trying to see just how far they can push the limits of our "tolerance" and our legal system, and if this kind of special treatment becomes regular policy we will have moved backward to segregation.

2:26 PM GMT+13  
Blogger BobF said...

People have been fighting to do away with segregation but it looks like the Muslims are trying to bring it back. I was watching on NBC Today Show that in near future, Islam will be the second largest religious group in America. Radical Islam is getting stronger throughout the world and, as you said, Western culture as we know it will cease to exist.

3:01 AM GMT+13  
Anonymous Bozwell said...

Unfortunately while this obsession with cow-towing to their every whim continues, we have no one but ourselves and our limp wristed governments to blame for putting up with their crap.

Swimming pools and faith based health services--F$#K what next?

4:46 PM GMT+13  
Blogger Joe said...

Bozwell, part of the problem is that, at least in the US, neither party wants to take a hard stance against muslims. Anybody who would do so will not be taken seriously because the muslim pressure groups along with the media will relegate that person to racist/extremist status.

10:18 PM GMT+13  

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