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More muslim Bullshit and Media Bias: Part 2

Media bias occurs in many forms, and often these methods are combined, some of it overt and in-your-face; most of it very subtle. Of course, one method would be just outright lying, reporting as being true that which the media outlet or the writer knows to be not true. The Jayson Blair scandal at the New York Times in 2002-03 and "Rathergate"/"Memogate" that occurred during the run-up to the 2004 US pesidential elections exemplify a not-so-subtle technique known as, "I'll lie my ass off; cross my fingers, and hope I don't get caught." Nothing close to subtle there, but plenty of hubris and balls so big they gotta cart 'em around in a wheel barrow, especially when they justify their actions along the theme of, "Well, it would have or should have been true." But it wasn't. Oh, the hubris...Oh the mutant testicles...

In Part 1 we looked at this story on its face, and we found that basically the cops want a charity soup kichen in Paris shut down because the cops feel the group is guilty of offering with intent to discriminate against Jews and muslims by serving a traditional French favorite, pork soup, in Now, using that same story, let's examine the subtleties of using syntax, semantics, and word association as a form of media bias. In a future post, I'll examine the editorial process as a form of media bias.

The first thing I have a problem with is the wording. In the very first sentence:
A French court ruled Tuesday that an organization with far-right links can continue offering pork soup to the homeless, rejecting police complaints that the food distribution was racist.
The writer has associated "far-right" with "racist" to let us know that it's not just any old charity group; it's those evil right wingers. The media has made that association ad nauseum to such an extent that far too many people associate "right wing" with "nazi" and/or "fascist." (It could be argued that the terms "left wing" and "right wing" have been so mis-used and over-used that most people don't know what either is.) While it may be true that Hitler was to the right of Stalin, that's not saying much. The nazis were the national SOCIALIST party, and the last time I checked, "socialist" and "right wing" were, by definition, diametrically opposed. I read and watch a lot of mainstream media (MSM), and I cannot remember off-hand the last time anything with a negative connotation was associated with the "left wing." Frankly, I cannot remember the last time I heard or read a reference to a "left wing" at all. Surely there are plenty of "far left" individuals and groups that can legitimately wear the tag "racist" - ummm, Adolph, Joseph, Mao, Che, Mad Bob (Mugabe), CAIR, Nation of Islam, Black Panthers, International Socialist Worker, and the Mexican rights groups, MEChA and La Raza (literally "The Race")...step forward - but you won't hear it; and that is by design.

The agenda of the left-wing dominated MSM is to sway public opinion against (demonize) the right wing, and play-down (if not deny) the existence of any left-wing at all. While most "right wingers" wear the moniker proudly, most lefties won't admit what they are, but rather like to portray themselves as "centrist." And one way to do that is to associate all "bad" policies or ideas (whether or not they actually are is irrelevant) with the right wing so that the ideas or policies the left are trying to sell as "good" (whether or not they actually are is also irrelevant) become the norm, or "centrist." Never mention left wing, just the norm, because acknowledgement of "left" and "right" sets-up a dichotomy or binary opposition where there might be grounds for actual debate, and the last thing the left wants is debate. They want conformity to the doctrines of the collective State which upholds all the "good" policies," and therefore, anybody opposed to those policies is easily marginalized or demonized. For more on leftist doctrine, read-up on Hegel and dialectics, Trotsky, and Engels. I guarantee you that many editors and writers in the media have, or at least they were taught by professors who have.
"Faced by this initiative which stinks of xenophobia, I want once again to express city hall's desire to fight all forms of discrimination, racism and anti-Semitism," mayor Bertrand Delanoe said in a statement.

The food handouts are organized by a nationalist group called Solidarity of the French (SDF). It says its "pig soup," which uses pork fat for stock, is country fare much loved by French traditionalists.
So now we've got our "far-right" group, Solidarity of the French, being now referred to as "nationalist" and "traditionalists" and associated with the term "racist." The objective is to convince the public psyche that nationalism and traditionalism are right-wing ideals, and that those ideals are racist. A little inuendo goes a long way.


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Well done, Joe!

And quite true.

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Excellent Joe!

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