Sunday, March 18, 2007

Creative Marketing: Style Over Substance

You've got to give some people credit for creatively finding ways to get other people to spend a lot of money on nothing. When it comes to targeting the image-is-everything crowd with huge amounts of discretionary income, the sky's the limit.

First, how about "designer" water? The people at Bling H2O have you covered, selling water to "make that defining statement." How much, then, would you pay for "pop culture in a bottle?" Is $40(US) for 750ml enough?

Second, how about a limo-driven, guided shopping Spree where you can
Treat yourself, friends and associates to the most exciting new shopping experience in Scottsdale and Phoenix. Imagine a customized tour itinerary of boutiques designed just for you, a limousine whisking you from one amazing store to another, and a dedicated shopping expert as your special guide. Store owners and managers roll out the red carpet greeting you personally, giving you a back stage pass to new looks and special merchandise. Feel like the star that you are with an option for private, before or after hours shopping at many of the Spree! shops and boutiques when they open just for you!
A 4 hour tour costs $495(US) for 1-4 people, $100 for each additional person up to 7 total, and special group rates for 8 or more.

I'm too practical a person to figure out ways of getting rich by helping rich folks divorce themselves from some of their extra cash. But, then again, I'm not a liberal.


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