Saturday, March 24, 2007

Religion of Piss

Religion of pissheads in the news once more displaying their capacity for tolerance and compassion: a muslim woman asks her husband for divorce. He gets angry and engages in an act of honor: rips both her eyes out.

More peace, love and understanding from the goat-fornicators: non-Arab women accused of adultery sentenced to death by stoning in Sudan .

How about this one where students KILL a non-islamic teacher.

Let's not forget the innocents that are either dead or suffering from having their inner organs burnt by the new preferred choice of the suicide bombers, chlorine.

OR the sixth muslim "honor killing" in Berlin in four months.


Anonymous jayd said...

Mae, Even worse re. Germany.

Latest bruhaha as follows and sorry I can't provide a link because there doesn't seem to be on at the Telegraph for this. Or if there is I didn't find.

Short but not so sweet.
A German judge has ruled in a case that Islamic law takes precedence
over German, at least in the case under in her court.

So now it starts.

6:06 AM GMT+12  
Blogger Mae said...

I found a link for that story - unbelievable! Anyway, I put it up in the next post - last entry. Thanks!

11:01 AM GMT+12  
Anonymous USpace said...

Hey, but it IS the Religion of Peace...

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
tolerate intolerance

respect evil practices
like stoning rape victims

absurd thought -
God of the Universe thinks
women are half a man

beating wives is permitted
but first kick her out of bed

6:02 AM GMT+12  

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