Monday, July 16, 2007

The Planet Is Fine

George Carlin - comedian, social commentator, raconteur - has been on the scene for going on 40 years now. He is enlightened, witty, blunt, and hilarious. I don't agree with all his views, but I don't agree with anybody all the time. This is one of the times that I do agree with him, and he is right on the money. Here he takes the piss out of the so-called environmental movement.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like Carlin.

Humor can over simplify anything.

6:52 AM GMT+12  
Anonymous Patrick said...

I like him too. He is as sharp as a razor.

2:59 PM GMT+12  
Blogger Joe said...

But, OCM, I don't think Carlin is oversimplifying anything. He's just telling it like it is, pointing out the folly and hubris of the self-importance of humans: We will not kill the planet. We may temporarily and slightly reshape the ecological balance, but the planet will kill us before we kill it. Now, I'm not saying that is an excuse to run roughshod over the earth and not employ good, common sense stewardship, but we take ouselves way too seriously thinking that the planet cannot survive without us.

11:58 AM GMT+12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do not like the half ass term: GLOBAL WARMING.

The earth's environment is effected by 2 things:


And the "jury" is out on who to blame for what.

WE can't control MOTHER NATURE but MAN can control his actions.

7:21 AM GMT+12  
Anonymous American Daughter said...

"common sense stewardship" I like tha way you put it.

In addition to American Daughter, I have another website that describes my home and philosophy, which includes a completely organic landscaping plan. I invite you to visit and read the "Garden" page.

Ivy Hill

4:15 AM GMT+12  

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