Saturday, March 24, 2007

More Stupidity

Let's start with some New Zealand moonbattery.

Man addicted to internet, gets sacked as a third of his working hours is spent on the net. However, the Employment Relations Authority determines he was unjustifiably dismissed, he gets compensation.

And this, a step dad gives step daughter free sex lessons and more. What does he get? His sentence - jail for nine months, with leave to apply for home detention.... WTF

Palestinian handouts.

Canada's largest media sources downplay this.
Fully 12% of Muslim Canadians polled by Environics said the alleged terrorist plot -- that included kidnapping and beheading the prime minister and blowing up Parliament and the CBC -- was justified.
Canada seems to be hurtling down the express highway in it's eagerness to become the next great muslim state.
Predictably, the CBC managed to find a talking head -- in this case York University sociology professor Haideh Moghissi -- who dismissed this disturbing revelation.

"It's really negligible that 12 percent feel that the attacks would be justified," said Moghissi. "I don't think it even warrants attention."

Clearly, other news agencies and those who put the poll results on the CBC website agree with Moghissi.

But just how "negligible" is 12% of 700,000 people.

Well, if Moghissi knew arithmetic like she knows denial, she'd know if this poll is accurate, 84,000 Canadian Muslims think it's justifiable to behead our democratically elected prime minister and blow up the very symbol and centre of our democracy!
Personally, I would be very worried about 84,000 self-claimed potential terrorists living in my country.


Voters in Canada are required to provide photo I.D with this exception: muslim women wearing the niqab or burka.

With this kind of acceptance of everything muslim, don't be surprised when watching this on mainstream Canadian TV.


German Judge Christa Datz-Winter denies a German muslim woman a quick divorce - on the grounds that the quran sanctions husbands beating their wives.

(h/t jayd)


Blogger BobF said...

It seems that all over the world governments are falling over backwards to accommodate Muslims. The terrorists are winning because they are accomplishing their goal of striking terror into the hearts of men.

3:49 AM GMT+12  
Anonymous Bozwell said...

It's comforting to know that stupid behaviour and decision making is not exclusively happening in Australia...

...hang on a minute, it's not that comforting at all!

11:45 PM GMT+12  

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