Thursday, August 30, 2007

Not Saying This Is The Right Thing, (But I Can Understand)

With many people losing confidence in the justice system - be it police non-response or judicial activism in favor of criminal rights over victims' rights - could this be a sign of things to come?

In Belfast, Northern Ireland, that is exactly what happened:
Locals had accused the victim, who is in his thirties, of being a drug dealer. And when police allegedly did not act, they took the law into their own hands.

Two masked men tied up the accused victim, poured tar over his head and then covered him in white feathers, apparently from a pillow case.

A small crowd including women and children looked on as the men then adorned their victim with a placard reading: "I'm a drug dealing scumbag".

Now, I'm not saying this is the way to go, but it does send a very clear message to would-be drug dealers (and other criminals) in the area: "Don't do it here." Perhaps if this was one of the tools that the judiciary had in their toolbox of punishments and were willing - and eager - to use it, I guarantee that crime would go down. But I think we have just become too soft.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What do you want to bet that the police will spend hundreds (if not thousands) of hours looking for the people who did this (while drug dealers and pimps run free) and after they are caught, will be tried and convicted to sentences greater than a murderer would get becasue somehow they'll be accused of a "hate crime."

Bets, anyone? This IS the UK, after all.


9:23 PM GMT+12  
Blogger BobF said...

You're probably right Vilmar. After all, criminals are the ones afforded rights and protections.

11:13 PM GMT+12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Ever see the movie STAR CHAMBER?

Plot line: A group of lawyers/judges RETRY and delve out the PUNISHMENT OF CRIMINALS WHO "BEAT THE SYSTEM"

Enjoyable film.

WE also had "swift'' justice in the 19th century!

Hand 'em high!

2:09 AM GMT+12  
Anonymous jayd said...

Yeah Catman ... that was a good movie.
And ... Vilmar, no way I'd bet against you.

Joe, just coincidence I emailed you and Vilmar a small blurb from paper. No byline so no link and copied it and mailed. But it falls right into the subject here and the one on pol.correctness as well.

The bad guys know what they can do and get away with. Simple as that.

2:54 AM GMT+12  
Blogger Joe Ramen said...

I got the blurb, JayD, and it does seem that the crims know just what they can get away with; and it seems the law is making it easier for them. Now I just have to fine tune my theory as to why, but I have an idea. I need a bit more time to test the theory, and I'll post about it.

8:43 AM GMT+12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yea but if you new the story behind it! its actually the UDA tar and feathering him because they are trying to turn away from drugs wheras they previously funded them

11:13 AM GMT+13  

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