Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Remembering 9/11...My Way

No doubt that the web will be flooded with 9/11 tributes to the fallen and the tragedy that was that fateful day. I am taking a different approach. Rather than mourn the deaths of our own on that day, I will celebrate the death of the enemy. While Iraq was not involved in any real direct, tangible way, our men and women are there now, fighting those who hold the same desires and beliefs of the scumbags who flew those planes into the World Trade Center: radical, fundamentalist muslims on the jihad. They are the enemy, and any chance our forces get to kill any of them gives me cause to rejoice. Here are a couple of videos that put a smile on my face. Up first, a revisit to an "oldy but a goody" where a few insurgents meet death from above.

Next, a jihadi playing with a mortar gets more than he bargained for. (Hat-tip: BobF)

At first it may appear that the mortar "backfires" on him, but he is actually hit by one of our own mortars or rockets, probably because he stayed in one spot for too long and fired too many rounds from the same spot, giving our guys a pretty good fix on his position. Aloha, snack bar, motherfucker! May the piss of allah be upon you.


Blogger Tyler D. said...

Aloha, snack bar, motherfucker!

I Lol'd.

5:05 PM GMT+12  
Anonymous Patrick said...


11:20 AM GMT+12  
Anonymous Bozwell said...

Marvelous...on BOTH counts!

10:54 PM GMT+12  
Anonymous jayd said...


Ditto the others Joe. Well Done.
No Pun intended but hey ....

12:48 AM GMT+12  

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