Thursday, August 21, 2008

I Really Hate the Greens - Especially Keith Locke

You know, I really, really try to avoid getting worked-up into a rant. In case you haven't guessed by now, I've been having a lot of FUN lately with the new blog format, playing with pictures, music, and doing more satire. But there's nothing funny about the Greens, and I don't know which one of them gets under my skin the most; I guess it depends on which one of them opens his or her sewer on any given day. Last year it was Sue Bradford and her "anti-smacking bill" that went through parliament with virtually no opposition, but lately it has been Keith Locke. Apparently this guy comes from a communist background, and by his own admission he was a "socialist activist" during the Vietnam War. He allegedly supported the murderous Pol Pot (although he denies that - sort of). He sat approvingly in the company of some commie bitch who had this to say about the 9/11 attacks:
Keith sat there smiling and nodding his head in agreement, Sykes told the audience (as transcribed by a member of that audience):

When I first saw the planes fly into the towers I jumped for joy, I was so happy that at long last capitalism was under attack. Until, it suddenly dawned on me, what about all those poor pizza delivery boys, those poor firemen, those poor policemen, those poor lift-operators, all those poor cleaners, all those other poor workers who are forced to work for and were trying to save those greedy and horrible capitalists!? My heart and head was so confused - happy that some capitalists had been killed and very, very sad for all those who had died while working for them.

Keith neither challenged nor questioned Sykes’s rant; instead he sat there and smiled and nodded and then led the applause when she finished.
Well, his latest statement regards his disapproval of NZ troops participating in joint military exercises with the US, Britain, Australia, and Canada.
Green Party MP Keith Locke said it seemed the soldiers would be training for combat operations.

"The Greens are worried it will drag New Zealand back into an alliance structure and into the sort of wars that the Americans, British and Australians are involved in in Iraq and Afghanistan," he said.
The operation, dubbed "Exercise Co-operative Spirit" is an attempt to move forward in a relationship that has been a bit icey for the US and NZ for the last 20 years.
The United States' thaw in relations with New Zealand moved significantly yesterday with the announcement that a large contingent of Kiwi troops will exercise with US troops in Europe next month.

A total of 172 New Zealand troops will join US, British, Australian and Canadian troops in an exercise code-named Exercise Co-operative Spirit, in Hohenfels, Germany, involving peace-keeping and combat exercises.

Defence Minister Phil Goff last night described it as "the exercise of common sense over perhaps a more ideological position earlier on that because we disagreed on the nuclear issue, then we couldn't do anything together".

But he also said next month's exercise was part of the "continuum" of evolving change in the relationship.
The US default position has been a ban on joint exercises with New Zealand as part of the presidential direction of reprisals against New Zealand's 1987 legislation banning nuclear-powered or -armed warships.
But this dickhead, Keith Locke, is still stuck in the past. Fuck him. I hope he chokes on a bean sprout.

And now you have a better idea of why I'll jump for joy if those Greenie bastards find themselves out in the street with no seats in parliament come the elections later this year.

I'll have more on that early next week.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The dummycrats and the goppisers are the 2 MAJOR parties HERE...what are the top 2 in NZ?

(I also caught this link off of Steel's blog this AM--very interesting....

2:26 AM GMT+12  
Blogger Joe Ramen said...

The two major ones here are Labour (liberal, Dem "equivalent") and National (GOP "equivalent).

7:03 AM GMT+12  

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