Friday, August 01, 2008

I'm Stoked!

A few days ago I published to the blog my first music video utilizing skills I haven't used in over 20 years since I was in university taking classes in audio, video, and film production. Those were the old days, on the verge of going digital, when editing still meant physically cutting and splicing tape! While the process is a hell of a lot faster now (and the quality that can be achieved with the most basic software on a PC is amazing), the concepts are still the same. Look for more music videos from my new production "company", "Ramen Noodle/Kiwiland Productions". I may just start another blog specifically for those endeavors. I'll keep you posted as that develops.

Anyway, I had a wild hair and decided to email a copy to the webmaster at Brewer and Shipley's website, and he got back to me:

I liked it and sent it on to Michael (Brewer) & Tom (Shipley) to see. Michael likes it too. Tom probably hasn't seen it yet. Michael did point out that Paul Butterfield was a harp player and Fred Burton was the guitar player on Don't Want to Die In Georgia.

I am sure they are fine with you posting it on your blog or on YouTube. Let me know when you do and I probably will link to it so other fans can enjoy it.

Well, I went back and made the correction in the opening credits, and will email the updated version (which is already on the blog) back to Steve, the webmaster. I think it's really cool if for no other reason than the musicians who made that song nearly 40 years ago know that there are people today who still dig their stuff - and that they liked it! I tried to capture the nostalgia of the era with all those old photos, and I can only imagine the memories that seeing my humble production brought back for them. I thank them not only for taking the time to view it but also considering it worthy of their approval.

Just thought I'd share that with you 'cause it sure made my day!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great news. Maybe a new career is in the offing. Vilmar

10:32 PM GMT+12  

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