Thursday, August 21, 2008

Is This the Best They Can Do?

McCain's family secret surfaces

5:00AM Thursday August 21, 2008

Cindy McCain, the wife of the Republican presidential candidate John McCain, describes herself as an only child. "I grew up with my dad, I'm an only child," she told a TV interviewer.

Now a half-sister has emerged to challenge that family history, claiming she and her offspring have been airbrushed out of the would-be first lady's family picture. "I'm upset," Kathleen Hensley Portalski said. "It makes me feel like a non-person."

Documents show she was born to Jim and Mary Jeanne Hensley on February 23, 1943. The still-married Mr Hensley was sent to West Virginia to recuperate from war wounds where he met Marguerite Smith. He married her in 1945, Cindy was born nine years later.

Kathleen saw her father and half-sister from time to time. But when Hensley died, it was to Cindy that he left his entire fortune. The will gave Kathleen just US$10,000.

The furore comes as Cindy McCain is trying to shed her distant image. Almost half the US electorate say they still do not know enough to have an opinion about her.
Holy Baby Jeebuz, is this kind of shit we have been reduced to in political debate? When I saw the headline on the wire, I thought the Donks had something BIG on McCain.

Pathetic. Just fucking pathetic.

But what the hell, I'll go there if we're going after candidates' wives. It's not like this bitch has been keeping her mouth shut.




Blogger Oldcatman said...

Politically I'm not sure--BUT as a person, I like McCain--he is real & honest (The local TV station does a "truth exam"
of political ads--McCain's are generally 100% correct--BUT I have not seen them do an Obama ad!

2:22 AM GMT+12  

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