Sunday, August 17, 2008

Music: Jackson Browne

OK, since this is at the center of this big hoo-ha, I might as well feature the song in question. Here is Jackson Browne performing "Running on Empty" at the No Nukes concert at Madison Square Garden in 1979. Trivia note: The drummer is Russ Kunkel, one of the great studio musicians that backed not only Jackson Browne, but also James Taylor, Carole King, and Carly Simon (among others) in the 1970's on most of their albums of that time. And the guy that just rips on steel lap guitar is the legendary David Lindley, another fixture in Browne's band at that time.

More Jackson Browne biography and discography.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jackson Browne?

I can't read the post because of those bouncing boobs in the sidebar!

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