Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Anybody Else Notice This?

I was listening to some of President Obama's inauguration speech and I noticed something. Over time, Obama's speech patterns have taken on more and more of a southern, black preacher - something of a cross between Bill Clinton and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Personally, I think the man is a chameleon, somebody able to become what he thinks people want him to be. A true politician through and through.

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Blogger Oldcatman said...

Ditto---from the 10% of the populous that doesn't have their heads up their ass!

3:25 AM GMT+13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree iwht the statement above!! Watch out America!


6:55 AM GMT+13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hillary did that too when she spoke at Black churches


2:18 PM GMT+13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He pontificates. makes simple statements seem so profound. "When everyone works together, you can get more done." No shit!
I watch him before he goes on camera. While being introduced, he stands there with his head back, cocked to one side. His eyes are squinty and looking down his nose. What an arrogant wanker! Don

9:29 PM GMT+13  

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