Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Green Employment Promises

I heard Obama has promised $$$'s for green employment. Employing 1/2 million people to go door to door checking each and all's green card is a worthwhile green job. Also, the need for transportation to the border would be a real money spinner, so anyone who has a few dollars floating around, take my advice and purchase a few cattle carriers as it will ease possible traffic blockages.

"The first step toward the president’s new green economy will come with the passage of the congressional stimulus package—a down payment ......will create 460,000 jobs in three years, save taxpayers $2 billion ......."

"But the centerpiece of President Obama’s new proposals seeks to change the way Americans drive, by giving states like California leeway to design their own tough ....... standards. Stay tuned."

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Blogger Oldcatman said...

Good way to help the farmers---they all have cattle trucks.......

Has Allahbama ever uttered the

3:55 AM GMT+13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Joe,

I read about this yesterday and I am disturbed at the part saying let CAlifornia design their own tough standards for smog...Great one more way for them to take away our beloved Freedom. I have an 04 Mustang GT and with the standards they plan on enacting my car will not pass...and I keep it in a perfect state of tune!! That pisses me off...cause my next car is the '10 Camaro with the 400+ HP LS2 motor. all they need to do is take all the cars from TJ or as we in Cali know them as " Front BC" smoking POS!!

7:36 AM GMT+13  
Blogger Oldcatman said...

Perhaps your "beloved freedom"
is choking the air I breath?

Kind of like smoking laws---your second hand smoke fucks with the air I breath.....

3:50 AM GMT+13  

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