Monday, September 28, 2009

PM John Key on Letterman

I thought it was cool that while in NYC Mr. Key took the time to stop by Letterman and do the "Top Ten Reasons to Visit NZ". It's good PR for New Zealand.

And I'll translate the "Kiwi-isms" in #5:
  1. whanau (pronounced "fah-know") - Maori for "family".
  2. bach - vacation home or weekend get-away cabin.
  3. chilly bin - ice chest; cooler
  4. jandals - flip-flops, thongs, or whatever you call cheap sandals.

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Blogger Todd B said...

What a great piece! The only thing I didnt like was Dave asking What body of water is nearest NZ? WTF are you kidding me? I personally would not want people visiting my country who had no idea where it is on a globe. To many Idiots....and hopefully they wont come and visit you gusy...LOL

7:40 AM GMT+13  

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