Saturday, March 13, 2010

The History Your Kids Will Likely NOT Be Taught

The following video is from Glenn Beck. The Left will try to spin this as anything from being distorted to untrue or by attacking Beck himself. They will quibble about the actual numbers and make claims about being "taken out of context", but the fact remains that, regardless, scores and scores of millions of people died at the hands of despotic, totalitarian, Leftist regimes during the 20th century.

The Left cannot escape that fact unless they re-write the history - or wipe that history out of public knowledge altogether. Here in New Zealand, for example, our teenagers, who are just out of high school or nearing the end of it, have not been exposed to ANY comprehensive world history, let alone ANYTHING having to do with communism, fascism, etc. They are not even taught the history of their own nation except for certain aspects like the Treaty of Waitangi or the "exploitation" of the Asian immigrants in the 19th century. They are taught over several weeks, however, about places like Malawi, the "blood diamonds" of Sierra Leone, and the civil rights movement of the US during the 1960s.

Mae and I have had to fill-in A LOT of the gaps and direct them to further research various topics for themselves.

Anyway, enjoy these videos.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joe, you are right about history not being taught. There are two movies I reciently watched and they spoke volumes about todays culture...and they were entertaining and funny. Who says that conservative ideas can't be incorporated into entertainment? They are "An American Carol" and "Idiocracy" regards Don

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