Sunday, December 31, 2006

Message to Conservatives: No More Mr. Nice Guy

Colorado Congressman, Tom Tancredo(R), has been, unfortunately, one of the only truly outspoken public officials at the Federal level on the illegal immigration crisis - there should be a helluva lot more like him, including President Bush ("Where's Waldo?") who is conveniently out-to-lunch and speaks out of both sides of his mouth on this issue. Anyway, Tancredo was speaking at Michigan State University as a guest of the MSU College Republicans and Young Americans for Freedom when he was verbally attacked; the engagement was disrupted with fire alarms being set-off; and several Tancredo supporters were physically assaulted - all by the open-borders crowd, in typical, ever-tolerant, Leftist, militant fashion.

Another of my favorite "must-reads" on a near-daily basis is Michelle Malkin, who covered this incident quite well. Michelle links to Slapstick Politics who provides a link to video of the incident (be patient as it may take a while to load) and more coverage. She also links to stories of countless other incidents of conservative speakers being shouted down or otherwise assaulted - the infamous pie-throwing incident at Ann Coulter while speaking at Arizona State a few years back comes to mind. This shit just chaps my ass, and I'm tired of it.

All the Lefties can do is shout people down; on this issue they use the trendy "race card" as an attempted "argument ender" because that is all they can use. They can't use logic and reason - and let me put that in a time frame: EVER!!! - or their favorite concept, "rule of law," because that won't hold water on this one. Clearly, the illegal immigration problem could easily be eradicated and justified by the "rule of law" for the simple fact that there are laws on the books (but obviously not being enforced) that distinguish between legal and illegal immigration, the former provided for by a given set of procedures (that do NOT involve just walking across the border as one damn well pleases because they feel like it), the latter expressly prohibited.

And the damn college conservative groups continue to want to use another Leftist tactic - the "victim card" - to their advantage, failing to realize this fact: Victimology only works for liberals, Leftists, minorities, and other groups that have successfully portrayed themselves as underdogs or disenfranchised. Conservatives have played the game by the rules of the Left: They call you racist; you expend energy proving you're not. They say you're intolerant; you go out of your way to prove your tolerance. And it hasn't worked. It won't work now. So STOP IT! Outside of the blogosphere and the Fox News Channel, you will not get a fair shake in the mainstream press no matter how much you play it "cool" or "by the book." Stop going on the defensive, and get on the offensive. In other words: Get Machiavellian on their ass! Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

If I were in college today and belonged to a conservative students' group, knowing what I have learned in the last 20 years, I would be much more, shall we dealing with the lunatic Left.
DISCLAIMER: I am not advocating or in any way attempting to incite violence, hatred, or intolerance toward any Leftist/Marxist liberal fucktards with opposing points of view. The following is a hypothetical scenario, easily construed as satire, which was conjured in a dream I had last night or some other night. Psychoanalysts, of whom the Left is very fond, have historically postulated that dreams are not reality and as such cannot be held or used against the dreamer in any way, shape, or form either implicitly or explicitly. MSRP is based on a survey of participating dealers. Manufacturer's limited warranty becomes void on evidence of tampering. Do not remove tag under penalty of $20,000 fine or imprisonment not to exceed 5 years, or both. Limit one per customer. Thank you; come again.
  • First, I would establish an "intelligence wing" to gather intel on the enemy - (that would be all the Lefty groups on campus - the greenies, the anti-globalists, the anarchists, the gay/lesbian/transgendered/bi-sexual/asexual/multi-sexual rights groups, the minority groups - all of them). My intel operatives would not be any of my group's leaders. If necessary, they would be rank-and-file members who are not recognizable and don't stand-out in a crowd or otherwise draw attention to themselves, but, ideally, they would be trusted non-members or "freelancers" who could not be readily associated with my group. I would conduct surveillance by taking photos, getting addresses, establishing patterns of behavior and habits (where they go, when they go there, who they see, etc.) Sound covert and clandestine? It is, but knowledge is power. And I guarnatee you at least some of the Lefty groups on campuses around the US would be doing the exact same thing and have compiled similar data on me and my group.
  • Second, I would establish a "security wing" within my organization. Again, these would be independent, trusted non-members who could handle themselves well in confrontations that might get physical. Ideally, these people would not even be students. "Townies" are a good source of "muscle" who may be sympathetic to combatting the Left and might do it for free or for a modest "fee." If a fee must be paid, this would be done in cash (so that I and my organization would have as much plausible deniability as possible.) I would post guards at strategic locations at our events - establishing perimeters both inside and outside the venue, and when situations start to get out of hand, the enforcers would start closing in silently on the offenders who would deny our right or that of our guest(s) to free speech. The guards would keep all exits secured while the enforcers on the floor with the rabble tighten the noose. Eventually, the enemy will realize there is an opposition force, and I would offer to allow them to either behave by engaging in respectful, meaningful dialogue via Q&A or leave peacefully. The ball would be in their court. If they refused, game on. The rank-and-file would visually record all events.
That is how I would deal with the Left. To win any war one must be willing and able to escalate to a level farther than one's enemy is willing or able to go. These open borders Leftists are well funded and rely on intimidation to silence and marginalize their oppositon. One must not only out-intimidate them, but step it up another notch, if necessary. I would not hunt them, or cause trouble at their events, or in any way try to silence them. I would simply put a mechanism in place to defend myself on my own territory so that my organization could get its message out and show the Left that we will not be intimidated and are no longer playing by their rules.

They would get the message.


Blogger BobF said...


The conservatives are trying to become what the liberal left thinks they should be. Rather than take the offensive and fight back, they're becoming compromisers.

Tancredo is a good man and would have my vote in an instant.

3:13 PM GMT+13  
Blogger Joe said...

Not only are they becoming compromisers, but they continually avoid confrontation and try to assume some type of moral high ground by always being the nice guy.

And I, too, would vote for Tancredo in a New York minute, but, again, the Left has him pegged as a racist, and the mainstream Republicans who try to appease the Left, have marginalized him as a fringe lunatic. While the Left operates with impunity, the Right eats its own; I don't see that as a recipe for success, do you?

4:08 PM GMT+13  
Blogger BobF said...

I'm so sick and tired of these so-called conservatives who always try to take the moral high ground. You don't win a battle by taking the high ground unless your willing to get in the trenches and fight.

4:44 PM GMT+13  
Blogger jakejacobsen said...

Yeah, there's really no point to hunting them. Even marinated they'd still be all tough and stringy when you grilled'em!

As a Chicago Minuteman we know that Mexico is keeping tabs on us, how about them apples?

Great piece!

4:53 PM GMT+13  
Blogger Joe said...

Thanks Jake, and keep up the good work as a Minuteman!

2:56 PM GMT+13  

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