Monday, January 08, 2007

The Criminal Justice System Is Run By Moonbats

In 1992, while high on drugs (a "cocktail"), Graeme Burton killed a guy outside a nightclub - stabbed him with a 4" knife, using such force it lifted his victim off the ground. After serving 14 years Burton was let out of prison on parole in the middle of this past year.

The other day near Wellington Graeme Burton killed again, this time a 26 year old man riding his quad in the hills, and injured a few more before cops from the armed offenders' squad shot him.

Oh, did I mention Burton has known gang ties and had escaped from prison in 1998 and stayed on the run for 12 days before being recpatured? Burton should never have been considered for release. That would be incomprehensible. That the parole board actually considered it then released him is beyond words. But I'm sure they just focussed on this aspect:
Buchanan, who was best friends with Burton's adoptive mother Shirley when Burton was growing up in Lower Hutt, said Burton was an artistic boy who loved drawing and made birthday cards for his mother. He didn't even steal loose change or smoke as a child, but when he was about 15 he got mixed up with drugs and a bad crowd and started stealing cars and committing other minor crimes.

Worried he would end up in prison for something worse his family sought help from police but were told there was nothing they could do, says Buchanan.
This family friend, Glenys Buchanan, blames the system for Burton's latest crimes by not providing enough support for Burton in his transition to life out of prison. Yawn...I hear tiny violins...

UPDATE: I just watched her interview on TV3, and she said that Burton had let himself down, that he had nobody but himself to blame, and that you can't blame the system.

Good news is that Burton's leg was amputated today. It would have been better news if they had just put the rounds in his head.

"There's no problem. Our policies are working just fine, see? Nothing to see here; move along, move along."

A South African caller on Radio Live today got it pretty close to right when he said that the criminal justice system in New Zealand just doesn't have the experience in dealing with the violent and truly vicious offenders; basically that those in the courts and the lawmakers in parliament are naive. To that I'll add that it also seems like those same people don't want to accept or admit the fact that violent crime is getting worse. There are a lot of people here who think that if we're putting more people in jail it speaks poorly of society; that society is failing or exploiting them somehow. Yet violent crime is getting worse despite all the touchy-feely, free to be you and me, hug a tree rehabilitation over punishment bullshit. They don't want to admit their liberal crap doesn't work either, so they just deny that there is a problem at all. Instead of coming to grips with the reality that some people are just no damn good and need to be removed from the majority of decent folks in society, these liberal jerkwads in the justice FOR criminals system will convene more studies to find out how we can be even nicer to the poor criminal who just didn't get enough titty time with mommy when he was a baby.


Anonymous OINK said...

We have a POS named Kimberlin who is but a shadow of your guy Burton.

You'll notice that, among those pissed off, is one "OINK".

Crap like this is reason for the death penalty. Many people, including me, would prefer life without parole, if it really meant life.

5:13 AM GMT+13  
Anonymous Todd B said...

I hear that. they are trying to abolish the death penalty here in the US with those fucking Dems controlling the house now. I feel if you dont go around murdering or raping you have nothing to worry about. so "an eye for an eye" sounds like perfect justice to me.

8:54 AM GMT+13  
Blogger BobF said...

I firmly believe that Parole Boards should be held accountable of a parolee commits a heinous crime after being paroled. If that were the case, there would be far fewer violent criminals being let back on the streets. Maybe it's time family members of the victims of Parole Boards start executing revenge upon these bleeding hearts who release violent criminals back into society.

2:46 PM GMT+13  

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