Friday, January 19, 2007

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Apparently the tolerant and all-loving practitioners of the religion of piss think there is nothing wrong with beating your women.

A fatwa on marrying outside your faith. Check out the answer this guy got when he questioned his cousin’s daughter marrying a non-muslim.

If you are a muslim girl who gets raped and in self defense kills the guy who rapes you, chances are you will be found guilty of “enticing” the man and be sentenced to death. If you are lucky to have the death sentence overturned on appeal, expect to have to pay “blood money” to the family of the asswipe who raped you.

Islamo-fascists terrorists are nothing but a bunch of pansy-assed pussies who can’t fight another man, one on one. When threatened, they hide behind children to make their getaway.

More examples of chicken-shit behavior by the scumbags who love to yell “Aloha Snackbar” and believe “Mo’ Ham, Ed!” is his buttboy.

If you’ve not seen them yet, check out the British series that has muslims in England all manner of pissed off. Guess they don’t like the fact they’ve been exposed for being hate-mongering terrorists.

If you’ve not gotten the scoop on the ankle-grabbing done by Northwest Airlines, check it out here.

Amazing. The bitch shows up 20 minutes prior to the flight, misses it because SHE WAS LATE and what happens? She sues because she’s muslim.

Go ahead. Try doing that yourself. Arrive late to check in and see how sympathetic the airlines would be to you. Hell, book a flight with NWA and see if you are so lucky.

Did you know Barack Obama’s father was muslim? That his mother is an atheist? That his step father is a muslim? That he went to a madrassa? That he converted (according to him) to Christianity?

So if you were a reporter, what sort of questions would you ask Barack “HUSSEIN” Obama?

Just because it’s hilarious:


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Interesting facts about Obama.

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