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US Border Security Out To Lunch and Muslim "Students" With Pipe Bombs

Here we go again. While we're all busy with Iraq, the wide-open backdoor to America along its border with Mexico continues to be left virtually unattended. I just can't comprehend that, folks.
Islamic extremists embedded in the United States — posing as Hispanic nationals — are partnering with violent Mexican drug gangs to finance terror networks in the Middle East, according to a Drug Enforcement Administration report...

...The 2005 report outlines an ongoing scheme in which multiple Middle Eastern drug-trafficking and terrorist cells operating in the U.S. fund terror networks overseas, aided by established Mexican cartels with highly sophisticated trafficking routes.

These terrorist groups, or sleeper cells, include people who speak Arabic, Spanish and Hebrew and, for the most part, arouse no suspicion in their communities.
Read the entire article.

While I lived in Southern California for over a decade numerous reports surfaced of US Border Patrol agents finding along the US-Mexico border Arabic and Farsi language newspapers and other items peculiar to Middle Eastern/muslim culture. Here is only one of many such reports:
Illegals from terrorist nations are crossing the border into Arizona.

Tom McNamara and the Eyewitness News 4 Investigators have spent the last three months talking to experts and eyewitnesses.

The stories are compelling and the evidence is frightening, and just this week, Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo released a report showing that the problem is worse than anyone thought.

Here's what the Eyewitness News 4 Investigators uncovered.

"It's a Muslim prayer blanket. It was found about a mile and a half west from the Douglas port of entry in 2001."

Larry Vance is a rancher who lives near the U.S.-Mexico border in Douglas, Arizona.

For years, he says he's watched - and documented - thousands of illegals crossing the border and running away to eventual arrest... or freedom and anonymity somewhere in this country.

And in just one hour, during this stake-out along the border between Douglas and b\Bisbee, The Investigators count 198 illegals in five different groups crossing into the U.S. with no resistance.

Watch as they huddle in the bushes, then climb thru a few strands of barbed wire and run for freedom.

We called Border Patrol and waited another full hour, but no one ever came.

And clear across the nation two muslim "students" from the University of South Florida in Tampa were apprehended last weekend near a naval base in South Carolina with what they say were only "fireworks" but have now been confirmed as pipe bombs made from materials purchased at a Wal-Mart.
MONCKS CORNER, S.C. - Two men found with several pipe bombs in their car near a Navy base were charged Monday with possession of an explosive device, authorities said.

A joint state-federal investigation was under way to see whether there was any terrorism connection, said FBI spokeswoman Denise Taiste, but no link had been found. The Navy base is the site of a brig where enemy combatants have been held.

Ahmed Abda Sherf Mohamed, 24, and Yousef Samir Megahed, 21, both students at the University of South Florida in Tampa, were driving through the area on Saturday to vacation at a North Carolina beach for Mohamed's birthday, their defense attorney said...

...The executive director of a civil rights organization for Muslims in Tampa criticized the arrest as racial profiling, an accusation South Carolina police denied. It's not clear if the item found in the vehicle is actually a bomb, said Ahmed Bedier of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.
***As a side note, a blogging friend of mine for whom I used to contribute, had his blog shut down by his web hosting service because of pressure from the above-mentioned Ahmed Bedier, executive director of the Tampa chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), due to, specifically, a link to a piece of satire which appeared on another web-site, which Bedier deemed as "hate speech." The article continues:
...The two men were stopped for speeding Saturday night on U.S. Highway 176 near Goose Creek, which is the site of the Naval Weapons Station and houses the U.S. Naval Consolidated Brig, a military prison where enemy combatants have been held.

They were heading west, away from Goose Creek, when they were pulled over about seven miles from the sprawling Navy facility, police said.

Officers became suspicious because the men quickly put away a laptop computer and couldn't immediately say what they were doing in the area or where they were going, DeWitt said.

A deputy then found what he thought were explosives in the 2000 Toyota Camry and called the bomb squad. Technicians confirmed the devices were pipe bombs and destroyed them, according to sworn statements in the arrest warrants.
I'm sorry, I was born and raised in Florida and lived briefly in Tampa about two miles from USF, and it's only an hour over to Clearwater or St. Petersburg, both of which have nicer beaches than anything North Carolina has to offer; AND they couldn't immediately tell the officers where they were going when they were questioned? Keep an eye on this one, folks. It could be a big screw-up, but then again...


Blogger BobF said...

This has been in the US for quite some time. Check out this article from 1989 Kansas City.

Also, this article was originally in the Kansas City Star and accessible on-line but all links to it have mysteriously disappeared. Fortunately the Free Republic had posted it.

Also, here are some more good links to known terrorism activities and training facilities in the US. Thing is, the govt knows of them.

1:28 PM GMT+12  
Blogger Oldcatman said...


Nobody ever listens..........

I have harped on the fact for a long time that a PERCENTAGE ILLEGALS are not Hispanic!

One or 2 illgeal 'ragheads' could cause terroistic havoc HERE---just like one or 2 does in IRAQ.

Sure like to see OUR TROOPS back here
"assisting INS!!!

1:41 AM GMT+12  

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