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US Soveriegnty No More?

If you are like me and can't figure out why the US Federal Government seemingly turns a blind eye to the illegal immigrant invasion from Mexico, makes excuses for it when they do address the issue, and offers a bill that amounts to amnesty for those who break our immigration laws - look no further. Our good friend, Nancy at American Daughter, has put together a well researched and documented piece that explains it all. Basically, later this month a plan will be finalized that makes a European Union style arrangement for North America.

North American Union

by Nancy Matthis at ADMC.

It's almost a done deal. While most patriotic Americans have been preoccupied this summer with the invasion of illegal aliens across our southern border with Mexico, President Bush has been quietly finalizing plans with Stephen Harper and Felipe Calderon to eradicate our national sovereignty. They'll wrap it up on August 20 at a meeting in Montebello, Quebec.

Soon the United States will be subsumed into a North American Union, just as the nations in Europe have been gobbled up by the European Union. Boundaries will melt away and our dollar will be replaced with the amero, giving the "globalistas" an opportunity to get rid of that pesky phrase In God we trust which reminds us of our rapidly vanishing heritage.

Judging from reports we receive from our friends across the pond, this is not a good thing for nations with successful economies. What it does is bring all the participants into the same business climate, a sort of socialism at the national level -- an advantage for the less robust nations and a huge disadvantage for the vibrant economies.

One of the worst results of such a union is the migration of people within the union that results. In the European Union, for example, poor Romanians are pouring into the United Kingdom and dumping themselves onto the overburdened social services system. Currently in the United States, illegal immigration across our southern border is overtaxing our schools, hospitals, law enforcement and welfare systems. Within the North American Union, the fiscal penalties to our citizens would be greatly multiplied, and it would be legal.

As this calamity bears down on us, the mainstream media are strangely silent. One has to look to Canada to find anyone sounding the alarm. We want to call our readers' attention to this copyrighted article by Global Research. We excerpt a portion here under the principle of "fair use," but we urge everyone to visit their website and read all of it:
Canadians Completely Unaware of Looming North American Union
Bush and Calderon to Visit Canada
By Kevin Parkinson | Global Research, July 17, 2007

In just over a month’s time, on August 20, the most powerful president in the world will be arriving in Montebello, Quebec for a two-day conference. President George W. Bush will be meeting with Stephen Harper and their Mexican counterpart, Felipe Calderon. So far, the silence from the Canadian and American media has been deafening.

Talk to 90% of people on the street and they won’t know about this upcoming conference, and if by a slim chance they do, they won’t know the purpose of the meeting or why the leaders of Canada, United States and Mexico are meeting in the dog days of summer under what amounts to a veil of secrecy.

So, what’s this upcoming conference all about, and why are the newspapers, radio and television keeping silent about it?

The purpose of the upcoming conference is to ratify the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, which was initiated by Bush, Martin and Fox in 2005 in Waco, Texas. Essentially, this so-called ‘partnership’ will result in what the politicians refer to as ‘continental integration’-newspeak for a North American Union- and basically a harmonization of 100’s of regulations, policies and laws.

In layman’s terms, it means that once this ‘partnership’ has been ratified which is a fait accompli; we will be following in the footsteps of the European Union. It will mean that Canada will become part of the North American Union by 2010, and that our resources, agricultural, health and environment issues, to name a few, will be controlled not by Canada, but by the government of the North American Union.

A huge ‘NAFTA’ highway, one quarter of a mile wide, is already being built in Texas, where private land is being expropriated, and will eventually reach the Manitoba border....

The NAFTA superhighway is being developed by the North
America Supercorridor Coalition (NASCO)
. [You can read their mission statement here in PDF format.] The road, already under construction, will be four football fields wide. It follows the US Interstate 35 corridor from the Mexican border at Laredo, Texas to the Canadian border north of Duluth, Minnesota. Americans who think that the use of eminent domain in Kelo vs. New London (summary) was egregious have not seen anything yet! What is worse, the resources of the original I-35 corridor, originally mapped, graded and developed by the American taxpayers, will be operated as a for-profit toll road by a private Spanish company, Cintra Concessions de Infraestructuras de Transporte, S.A..

The initial plan for the unification of Canada, the United States, and Mexico was developed by a multinational task force of the Council on Foreign Relations. [You can read their entire report here in PDF format.] The report recommends "the creation by 2010 of a North American community" asserting that
North America is different from other regions of the world and must find its own cooperative route forward. A new North American community should rely more on the market and less on bureaucracy, more on pragmatic solutions to shared problems than on grand schemes....
Translation: The grand schemes of the patriots who created the United States are no longer relevant. It is more important to preserve wealth than to cherish the principles that created the greatest society in human experience. Included in the details of the report:

  • "...once unloaded from ships, containers may cross land borders within the region without the need for further inspections." This puts US safety in the hands of inspectors in Mexico, who have a history of accepting bribes.

  • "...a common security perimeter for North America.... a common security perimeter for North America ... will require specific policy, statutory, and procedural changes in all three nations." We will have completely sacrificed our sovereignty to set our own standards to the union. All a terrorist will have to do is get into Mexico and he is home free.

  • "...common approaches toward international negotiations on the global movement of people, cargo, and vessels..." This would include common external trade tariffs set by the union, not by the member countries.

  • "NORAD should evolve into a multiservice Defense Command that would expand the principle of Canadian-U.S. joint command to land and naval as well as air forces engaged in defending the approaches to North America." So Canada and the United States would assume the defense burden, and include Mexico under the umbrella.

  • ",,,a ... North American Border Passwith biometric identifiers. This document would allow its bearers expedited passage through customs, immigration, and airport security throughout the region." Free migration throughout the union with a biometric identification card -- what a bonanza for terrorists and drug smugglers!

  • "...increase labor mobility within North America..." What was that battle we just fought in the Senate?

  • "...Implement the Social Security Totalization Agreement negotiated between the United States andMexico..."

An article in Human Events published last year warned of the consequences:
Once complete, the new road will allow containers from the Far East to enter the United States through the Mexican port of Lazaro Cardenas, bypassing the Longshoreman’s Union in the process. The Mexican trucks, without the involvement of the Teamsters Union, will drive on what will be the nation’s most modern highway straight into the heart of America. The Mexican trucks will cross border in FAST lanes, checked only electronically by the new “SENTRI” system. The first customs stop will be a Mexican customs office in Kansas City, their new Smart Port complex, a facility being built for Mexico at a cost of $3 million to the U.S. taxpayers in Kansas City....
The article continues:
The details of the NAFTA Super Highway are hidden in plain view. Still, Bush has not given speeches to bring the NAFTA Super Highway plans to the full attention of the American public. Missing in the move toward creating a North American Union is the robust public debate that preceded the decision to form the European Union. All this may be for calculated political reasons on the part of the Bush Administration.

A good reason Bush does not want to secure the border with Mexico may be that the administration is trying to create express lanes for Mexican trucks to bring containers with cheap Far East goods into the heart of the U.S., all without the involvement of any U.S. union workers on the docks or in the trucks.
The dire consequences are endless. Our failing Food and Drug Administration, for example, cannot even protect us now from imported poisons from China. What will happen when there is no boundary inspection at all? Our bureaucratically moribund Immigration and Naturalization Service cannot even find and deport 600,000 criminal aliens who have already been convicted. How in heaven's name do they expect to handle the biometric identification card? Our senior citizens cannot count on social security to hold up over time, even without including hordes of Mexicans in the plan. We have not even proved ourselves capable of managing our own national affairs, and now we are to be exposed to the even worse problems that plague Mexico.

The consequences for Canada are negative as well. Not only is it exposed to the spillover from Mexico that does not stop in the United States, but it will be forcibly deprived of oil and natural gas reserves, for the common good.
Canada’s vast oilsands ... now provide a viable new source of energy.... North America is blessed with an abundant resource base. Exploiting these resources on a long-term, sustainable basis requires that the three governments work together to resolve issues and ensure responsible use of scarce resources and the free flow of both resources and capital across all three borders."
Political activist Jerome Corsi sums it up:
North American Union to Replace USA?

President Bush is pursuing a globalist agenda to create a North American Union, effectively erasing our borders with both Mexico and Canada. This was the hidden agenda behind the Bush administration's true open borders policy.

Secretly, the Bush administration is pursuing a policy to expand NAFTA politically, setting the stage for a North American Union designed to encompass the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. What the Bush administration truly wants is the free, unimpeded movement of people across open borders with Mexico and Canada.

President Bush intends to abrogate U.S. sovereignty to the North American Union, a new economic and political entity which the President is quietly forming, much as the European Union was formed.
Here's another steadfast source of research on the "global elite" -- The August Review. If you have any hope left for the United States, read as many articles on their website as possible. Here are some paragraphs from just one:
The global elite, through the direct operations of President George Bush and his Administration, are creating a North American Union that will combine Canada, Mexico and the U.S. into a superstate called the North American Union (NAU). The NAU is roughly patterned after the European Union (EU). There is no political or economic mandate for creating the NAU, and unofficial polls of a cross-section of Americans indicate that they are overwhelmingly against this end-run around national sovereignty....

Modern day globalization was launched with the creation of the Trilateral Commission in 1973 by David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski. Its membership consisted of just over 300 powerful elitists from North America, Europe and Japan. The clearly stated goal of the Trilateral Commission was to foster a "New International Economic Order" that would supplant the historical economic order.

In spite of its non-political rhetoric, The Trilateral Commission nonetheless established a headlock on the Executive Branch of the U.S. government with the election of James Earl Carter in 1976. Hand-picked as a presidential candidate by Brzezinski, Carter was personally tutored in globalist philosophy and foreign policy by Brzezinski himself. Subsequently, when Carter was sworn in as President, he appointed no less than one-third of the U.S. members of the Commission to his Cabinet and other high-level posts in his Administration. Such was the genesis of the
Trilateral Commission's domination of the Executive Branch that continues to the present day....

Why would the Trilateral Commission seek to dominate the Executive Branch? Quite simply - Power! That is, power to get things done directly which would have been impossible to accomplish through the only moderately successful lobbying efforts of the past; power to use the government as a bully platform to modify political behavior throughout the world.

Of course, the obvious corollary to this hegemony is that the influence and impact of the citizenry is virtually eliminated....

....To look into the face of these global elites is to look into the face of unmitigated greed, avarice and treachery.
For more reading on this subject, visit an excellent resource list maintained by the Eagle Forum.

If all of this has left you feeling depressed, dear readers, visit The Onion for a very clever and detailed spoof of the subject.


Blogger BobF said...

Doesn't congress need to get involved with this? Surely they won't sell us out...yea, right.

I remember hearing on the news the railroad wanting to build a huge rail yard in one of the Kansas City suburbs, on the Kansas side. The people were fighting it tooth and nail but the local politicians with $$$$$ in their eyes were for it.

Check out the homepage of the KC Smart Port.

The Kansas City is growing at an alarming rate. Maybe being the center "port" in the US explains why.

1:32 PM GMT+12  
Blogger Oldcatman said...

Holy crap!

It would be so nice to be able to stick one's head in the ground and ignor immigration.

This prospective is a brand new REASON and it appears that IT is the REASON.

Looks like a brand "new country " right down the middle of the nation.

A new flag: star, stripes, maple leaves and tortillas!

5:45 AM GMT+12  
Blogger Oldcatman said...

Keep thinking about this.

So why in the hell build a wall around our western borders when there's going to be
a freeway from Canada to Mexico in the middle of the country.

Why invest anything in stopping immirgation-;\legal or otherwsise

I'm too damn old to learn foreign languages!

7:17 AM GMT+12  

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