Saturday, August 23, 2008

Etiquette: An Alien Concept for Most People



It's a sad statement on modern society that we have actually devolved to the point where we need signs like these. When I first started work here in Auckland, Mae and the kids stayed behind in Rotorua while I saved enough money to move us into a house in the Auckland area, and I took bus trips back and forth each weekend to be with them. For four months during the work week I stayed in a room at a boarding house/backpackers/hostel - whatever you want to call it - right across the street from my office. Very convenient in that regard, but it really sucked. Sharing kitchen and bathroom facilities with strangers, all with different standards of cleanliness, is not my cup of tea as I am quite fastidious and neat (thanks to Mom, Dad, and the USMC), and there was no cleaning staff to ensure that the place was kept clean. Fortunately, I never found shit or man-mayo in the shower, but there was at least one motherfucker that always got piss on the toilet seats and on the floor around the toilet, making it so that I actually took a spray bottle of bleach to the bathroom each morning to clean the toilet before I used it. I swear...if I had caught that SOB I would have rubbed his face in his own piss.

I hate cities to begin with. To me they are nothing more than socialist concentration camps, full of the flotsam and jetsam of humanity. I have to work there, and there are certain aspects of "culture" that one can only get in cities; but for the most part cities are shit-holes. Hence, I guess that is why we need to put-up signs like these:



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