Saturday, August 23, 2008

For Battlestar Gallactica Fans

And, no, I'm not talking about the cheesy, original series from the late 70's with Lorne Green. The new series is far better, not only for the improvement in special effects, but the story line is really good, with an intelligent plot and lots of symbolism. But even if you aren't into the show, I think you'll enjoy this very well-done video that uses various screen shots from the show set to the music of Queesnryche. The song, "The Right Side of the Mind," has an eerie quality that just matches perfectly with the images.

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Blogger Oldcatman said...

I guess I have a Scifi
fetish---I don't like a series--but I like a one time Scifi movie---

3:40 AM GMT+12  
Blogger OINK said...

Jeez the old series was so lame.
I'm a Trekkie, & I recall being irritated when some 12 y/o would write in the Fanzines that he was a fan of Star Trek AND Battlestar Gallactica. Go away kid.

5:19 AM GMT+12  

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