Sunday, February 08, 2009

Why I Have Been Saying, "Screw Iraq"

This US Army soldier* sums it up in this little pep-talk to a group of Iraqi "policemen." It isn't PC, and most civilians, moonbats especially, will probably find this appalling, insensitive, and will not relate to the sentiments expressed, but this could just as well have been me giving this little "chat." The truth can be painful...or funny...or both at the same time.

*NOTE: I referred to the US military man as Army only because the body armor blocks the sleeves where the US flag would be on the Army uniform (Marines don't have that), and for the fact that he refers to his "soldiers" - Marines NEVER refer to each other as soldiers; they're MARINES. Either way, the guy is right on whether he is a Marine or Army.

Hat-tip: Vilmar

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Blogger Oldcatman said...

Since Vilmar posted this & then I posted it--I've watched the video
several more times!

Anybody who has/had any doubts
about THE WAR, should watch the video and re-assess just why we are still there!

3:25 AM GMT+13  

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