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Kid Rock, Kerry, And A Clue-Bat For A She-Hag Wannabe

Compare this photo

...with this one.

(Photo by Pfc. Marcus Gable - 7th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment.)

Again proving that liberalism is a mental disorder, characterized by and manifested as, among other maladies, masochism and narcissism, what the fuck was Kerry thinking? After his traitorous displays during the Winter Soldier "hearings" following his return from Vietnam, continuing the same behavior during the '04 election campaign, and his recent comments (basically saying that only stupid people with no opportunities join the military), in what dark, cavernous corner of his feeble mind does he think that somehow our troops identify with him? That photo of Kerry sitting all by his lonesome self is a clear message from our troops: "You can't shit on us one day to bolster support from the anti-war crowd, and then come to Iraq to bolster your image with us." Good on 'em!

On the other hand, Kid Rock, whose music I am not really a big fan of, has made several trips to Iraq showing his support for the troops, and he's surrounded by our men and women in uniform. According to the report at Blackfive:
During Rock’s two day visit, he met with hundreds of troops at six different forward operating bases in Iraq.
In the comments on that post, I took notice of the following two:
Comment below written by: Lisa Steward

It was great to hear kid rock went and spent xmas with the troops my son pyt. David Steward is over there and i pray everyday for his and others safe return lets close the borders and send our troops home.How many more must we loose before Bush realizes he's in over his head. I wish he had a son that we could send over maybe he would care then.Those people want freedom they should fight for it themselves.
Hmmmm....sounds like a Cindy Shehag wannabe. For what it's worth, I counted 18 grammar, punctuation, spelling, and syntax errors in an 81 word letter! Contrast that with the relatively error-free response she got from one of our (as John Fucking Kerry would have us believe) "uneducated" troops:
Comment below written by: Ammo Girl

Thanks for spitting on us hard working women in the military, Ma'am!!! Why would he need a son to send over there??? Bush has two daughters of age, but they have chosen their life work. We want to keep it a volunteer military, if you please, so I have no problem with either or both of his daughters not serving. They are grown women and I have no doubt he'd have no problems with it (other than worrying, just like any other dad) if they ever decided to serve and deploy. I get sick of the worn out "he should send HIS kids over there", as if they didn't have minds of their own.

I'm military, my husband's military, my FIL is a reservist and my dad was career military (both dads served in Vietnam). Drafts suck, and personally, most of us in the military don't agree with you on Iraq (judging on conversations around every unit I've been in for the past eight years, and my units tend towards hundreds of people, not double digits or less.)

"Those people"? Excuse me, "those people"? Besides the fact that your son is serving, who do you think you are, sitting safe and secure in your warm little house somewhere far away from terror and death and fanatic despots and murderers? Without knowing him or his reasons for joining, I have respect and applaud your son for volunteering and doing his job, most likely with integrity, excellence humility and fortitude. However, he's not the only one fighting. Do you think they aren't worth it, "those people"? Do you think you're the only mother in pain? You're the only mother that worries, or that only American or our allies' mothers worry? What about "those" mothers? The losses they've seen under Saddam!!! The losses they've seen in the past three years!!! It never ceases to amaze me, you who don't understand that this war is bigger than the United States, and that it is a matter of warring ideologies, not a matter of "evil Bushitler." If the terrorists win, say buh-bye to freedon...and never doubt that THEIR goal is to destroy OUR way of life. If we don't kowtow to their ways, no "border closing" is going to keep them out forever.

Isolationism and cowardice has never worked for us (if it works for anyone else, either, I'd be highly surprised). Read our history--any history--and cease being uninformed ostriches with your heads in the sand. Good grief.

Thank your son for his incredible service. Maybe he agrees with you, but he fights for his freedom, and yours, to do so and I respect that. But freedom is something that "those people" have only seen glimpses of...who are we to think we would have some kind of moral high ground to walk away from them if they want it, too? We'd be despicable to walk away before they have the strength to fight for it alone. And they have always--as do all people on this planet--had every right to the freedoms we have. Sometimes a catalyst for change is called for...sometimes others have to come in and lend a hand. But they have shown, with their purple fingers, that they are willing to brave despots and murderers to fight for themselves. I agree with Bush. We need to stay the course (whether the course needs to be tweaked to be more successful I will leave to the folks actually making decisions who have boots on the ground, military intelligence and information at their fingertips.)

And yes, if my children decide to go into the military in twenty years and go off to fight, I will worry and be sad and wish it was all over with every fiber of my being. But that does not ever mean that "those people" are not worth the efforts we make on their, or our own, behalf.

Rant over.

"Those people"? Ugh.


Anonymous rachy said...

"those people"


9:22 PM GMT+13  
Blogger BobF said...

As the father of two son’s (25 & 19) I don’t want my boys going off to war. As a man who gave 26 years of his life in the service of this nation, I feel I kind of gave enough to cover both of my boys since they missed so much of normal father and son stuff due to my duty requirements. But, as a Senior NCO, an American, and a man, I know that someone has to do it and someone has a son or daughter in harm’s way right now. My son’s are no different or better than those other son’s and daughters. No parent in his right mind wants their child to go off to war. But, if either of my son's enlisted, I would be one proud father. They have an idea of what military life is like and they know what the dangers are. If something happened to them; my heart would break and I would cry and by God’s Grace I would honor them by holding up their service to this great nation and the principals they believed in. As a father, I can think of no better way to honor my son's.

6:08 AM GMT+13  
Anonymous Todd B said...

Amen to the woman who wrote this letter. She speaks very well about how most of us feel about this War. I get sick and tired of hearing these whinny fucking tree huggers rant about how Bush is evil and other BS. Glad to hear the opinion of one of our finest giving her two cents. You go Girl!!!
Fuck John Kerry AKA frankenstein

12:12 PM GMT+13  

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