Wednesday, January 03, 2007

An Inconvenient Truth, Indeed

Long ago I adopted Michael Savage's slogan, "Liberalism is a mental disorder," characterized by symptoms of ethnocentric masochism, narcissism, and Western guilt which manifest in the liberals' projections of their own inadequacy and weakness which they often try to compensate for with bravado, hubris, and an over-inflated sense of self-importance. The latest mutation of these traits comes in the form of the now oh-so-trendy idea of anthropomorphic "climate change," formerly known as "global warming" (in light of developments like this that are contrary to their premise, they had to change the name to something a bit more ambiguous). What's the "inconvenient truth?"
...confounding some climate alarmists, 2006 is set to come in as only the 10th or 11th-hottest year since high-quality records have been kept.
I have to laugh every time a lunatic like Al "I invented the internet, but now I'm a movie producer" Gore, or an eco-fascist group like Greenpeace, or their affiliate parliamentarian Green parties make some proclamation of how we humans are responsible for fucking-up mother Earth. Yeah, cattle might be contributors to greenhouse gasses, but the aforementioned nutters are definitely responsible for shithouse gasses.

Hat tip: Observation Deck affiliate, Slattsnews.


Anonymous OINK said...

I think I am an agnostic on the subject of global warming -- I'd prefer to be an atheist, because of all the dipshits who are for it.

If it exists, it may be a natural process due to solar output or earth tilt/orbit. Maybe the stuff we humans put in the air has some effect. Maybe not -- it's not possible to find an expert without a financial incentive to say yea or nay, or who is scared of upsetting his peers. Then, we are due for an ice age.

1:26 PM GMT+13  
Blogger Joe said...

I'm pretty much with you on that - for me the jury is still out. We know that the earth has gone through several cycles of ice age and warming long the industrial age. Of course industrialization contributes to pollution, but to what extent are humans responsible for global climate change? As in all things, I believe moderation and common sense should prevail.

Glad to have you, Oink!

4:17 PM GMT+13  
Anonymous OINK said...

joe you said it -- the Earth's climate has in no way been benign and stable. The Wisconsin Glacier's southern leading edge stopped just about where I live today.

Read the sad histories of Lysenko/Lysenkoism and that embodiment of a crock of shit --Eugenics.

That'll give you the straight scoop on the pitfalls of "science".

5:39 PM GMT+13  
Anonymous Bozwell said...

These tree hugger types are mostly contributing to "the world's demise" right along with the rest of us!

They live inner city, they drive cars, eat fast food and exist in a capitalist democracy!!!

All of them should move to the jungles of Borneo and live with the apes.

having said that, I would not wish that fate on the apes of Borneo--I respect them too much!

6:48 PM GMT+13  
Blogger Joe said...

And Bozwell, have you noticed how many Greenies drive the crappiest cars? Old, smoking Volvos are one of their favorites. I work with a guy (who belongs to every lib group from AmNASTY International to Greenpiss) who is always telling everybody to recycle, ride a bike, etc. yet he drives this 30 year old Toyota that smokes like a chimney!

7:12 PM GMT+13  
Anonymous OINK said...

My late father was in no way a tree hugger -- he loved to fish and hunt -- got a deer with a muzzle-loader when he was in his 80's. BUT he was conservation minded. NOT in favor of shopping malls being built on every patch of forest. Refused to buy alligator hide anything, until they were off the endangered list.

2:46 AM GMT+13  
Blogger BobF said...

Oink, most people who love to fish and hunt are very conservative minded like you dad. These are the people that are actually out in nature and appreciate it.

3:23 AM GMT+13  
Anonymous Patrick said...

Yes people who hunt and fish have usually actually visited "nature" and have a much better understanding of it than your common garden variety city dwelling greenie.

11:18 AM GMT+13  

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