Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Riddle Me This...

Once President Bush is out of office, on whom will the lefties/liberals focus their hate?

Patrick and Bozwell have a post that has stirred a bit of a flame war. Read the comments and you'll find all the liberal cliches and mantras, all of which can be distilled down to "I hate Bush."

UPDATE: Is it just me, or does this piece of human flotsam look like the kind of meely-mouthed, smarmy smart-ass who needs to be punched...hard...repeatedly?


Anonymous Patrick said...

They do have a limited thought process that’s for sure. I think it was Anne Coulter who said (words to the effect) "arguing with a liberal is not difficult, unlike sentient creatures they have only a limited thought process".

3:37 PM GMT+13  
Blogger Joe said...

How true. Over the two years that I have lived in NZ most of the anti-American/anti-Bush sentiment I've heard is spawned by 3 key sources: the writings and verbal blatherings of Noam Chomsky; "Farenheit 911," which was presented as a documentary on TV here; and the mainstream news media. Armed with those three sources these people make a lot of fucking noise.

10:01 PM GMT+13  
Anonymous Patrick said...

Ya know what pisses me off Joe? I am married to an American, and it shits me to tears that people think they can say whatever they like about Americans (we call em yanks). Most of it bad...Bush = Hitler and all that shit. This is perfectly acceptable, BUT it's not acceptable to say such things about blacks, muzzies, Asians, Aboriginies or anyone else sep maybe the Poms.
I see very little (serious) racisim here in Australia, but most of that I do see is directed towards the Yanks. Those people saying these things don't seem to accept that Americans are a race. Bush = Hitler, but Mugabe is off limits....he's black you see.

Fucktard leftists.

7:35 PM GMT+13  
Blogger Mae said...

Patrick, I face the same problem with Joe being American. People equate him being a Yank with perceived past or present day "negative" USA policies or leaders. It is ironic, Joe gets on with the Maori and Pacific Islanders, as to date they are the only ones who accept him as just another person. Personally, I go native when people here ask if Joe is a "typical arrogant, loud mouthed YANK". I usually tell them to watch their step, as not too long ago my lot was eating their lot for dinner.

I have to agree that here it is those with just enough information (leftist fuckwits) to be dangerous that are the real bashers of the "yank syndrome."

7:52 PM GMT+13  

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