Wednesday, January 24, 2007

This Just Warms My Heart...I Almost Feel Giddy

It really bugs me that I can't smoke on airplanes anymore. Yeah, I understand second-hand smoke is intrusive on others in confined spaces with recirculated closed air systems, but it still bugs me. However, they still allow children on airplanes. I know some of you are saying, "But, Joe, smoking is offensive." Yeah, well, so are children. Screaming, crying, out of control kids on airplanes are offensive to me. It hurts my ears, causing possible hearing damage, and I'm sure there's a threat to my mental health as well. If smoking is banned, then so should be children.

So when I heard about an airline chucking a 3 year old bottom feeder and her parents off a flight, I felt a vicarious sense of vengeance wrought on my behalf.
ORLANDO, Fla. - AirTran Airways on Tuesday defended its decision to remove a Massachusetts couple from a flight after their crying 3-year-old daughter refused to take her seat before takeoff.

AirTran officials said they followed Federal Aviation Administration rules that children age 2 and above must have their own seat and be wearing a seat belt upon takeoff.

"The flight was already delayed 15 minutes and in fairness to the other 112 passengers on the plane, the crew made an operational decision to remove the family," AirTran spokeswoman Judy Graham-Weaver said.
Fuckin' A, good on 'em!
Julie and Gerry Kulesza, who were headed home to Boston on Jan. 14 from Fort Myers, said they just needed a little more time to calm their daughter, Elly.

"We weren't given an opportunity to hold her, console her or anything," Julie Kulesza said in a telephone interview Tuesday.
I can hear a real sense of whining in that quote. I heard another report that stated the little angel's ears were still pressurized from the connecting flight from Ft. Myers. Yeah, so, and this is my problem how? They're from Boston, so there is a better chance than not that they're liberals.
The Kuleszas said they told a flight attendant they had paid for their daughter's seat, but asked whether she could sit in her mother's lap. The request was denied.

She was removed because "she was climbing under the seat and hitting the parents and wouldn't get in her seat" during boarding, Graham-Weaver said.
Now I'm almost positive they're fucking liberals. I'll bet they were saying, "Now, dear, we need to take a time out..." What the little urchin needed was to have her ass jerked off the floor, strapped into her seat, and gagged.
The Orlando-based carrier reimbursed the family $595.80, the cost of the three tickets, and the Kuleszas flew home the next day.

They also were offered three roundtrip tickets anywhere the airline flies, Graham-Weaver said.

The father said his family would never fly AirTran again.
Gotta be fucking liberals. Take no responsibility; blame somebody else; think that everybody else needs to indulge their own little dilemas, in this case, accommodate a little spawn of Satan throwing a petulant frenzy because her parents can't or won't discipline the little harpie.

I have nothing against children; just children who can't behave when they're in public and parents who won't do anything about it. And these parents who let their kids run amok wherever they are - airliners, restaurants, etc. - like the world is their playground - they need the shit slapped out of them (the parents, that is).

So there. If I can't smoke, kids should be comatosed for the duration of the flight or not allowed on airlplanes. It's all about public health.

This was actually a topic for discussion on talk radio here in New Zealand today, but hat-tip to Todd B for sending me the link.


Blogger BobF said...

Look at where the parents are from, Massatwoshits, the land of Teddy Kennedy, John Kerry, and Barney Frank. The kid needed to be taken to the lavatory for some hand to bottom counseling.

I also wonder about the parent who thinks they can hold a child while an aircraft is taking off. Do they have any idea what it would be like if the plane had to make an emergency stop while it was traveling 120 kts? Their is no way they would be able to hold the child but then it would be the airlines fault for not insisting the kid be strapped in its own seat.

3:26 AM GMT+13  
Blogger Vilmar said...

What we need are laws permitting 14th trimester abortions and 110th trimester abortions (to cover the parents)

11:31 PM GMT+13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen, to all of those comments. i so agree with you. If this happened when i was a kid my mom or dad would have taken me to the bathroom and guaranteed i would haev behaved after that. of course i would have never acted that way in the first place because i knew the consequences of my behavior. Liberals........make me sick!

Todd B

9:23 AM GMT+13  

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