Saturday, March 27, 2010

Gun Ranges: The New Singles Bars?

If I owned a gun range I’d turn it into the new singles’ bar (minus the liquor, of course). I’d offer a “ladies’ night” where unescorted ladies shoot for free and guys shoot for half-price with maximum limits on booking range time. Hell, even if I couldn’t work it out to where it made an actual profit on the night, I am almost certain that the residual effects over time would boost regular attendance and overall profit.

It would be like a form of loss-leader advertising! I could be RICH! RICH! I tells ya’!

But, then again, I would have Obama’s goons sniffing around for their cut, thus giving more of my profit to the state; not to mention, also, the high probability of finding myself on some “watch-list” which would completely undermine my “under the radar” philosophy of survival.

Hat-tip: Stephanie


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