Sunday, January 28, 2007

Late Model Mustang Fans

Allow me to set the scenario: Shown below is in-car video from a late-model (21st century) Ford Mustang no newer than 2002. Anyway, the footage captures on-track action from what is known as a "track day," where a car or motorcycle club rents a racetrack to go out and have some fast fun in a controlled environment. It's not a race, as the vehicles and drivers vary greatly in ability. This particular track is Thunderhil Raceway in Willows, CA, between Sacramento and Redding, and by all accounts it's a great track that my mate, Todd, and I never got around to racing at before I left the US.

The driver is quite good - he knows the track and has the lines nailed down. If I remember correctly, the car has very limited engine modifications: performance exhaust, intake, and a few other standard bolt-ons - no internal engine mods. The rear end has been re-fitted with 4.10:1 gears which means that he's hitting about 120-125 mph (~200kph) on the front straight where he's red-lining 4th gear (assuming ~6000 rpm, 4th gear is 1:1, and a 26" tall rear tire). Suspension-wise, I believe, the car has been pretty-well sorted with all the standard "good stuff" including a rollcage and non-slick performance/racing tires for the event. The driver mentioned that in the near future he would be fitting a Watts Link differential which allows the car to maintain a more constant roll center during cornering. The video and audio quality is very good, and I know you petrol heads and car lovers will really enjoy this.



Blogger BobF said...

I like it..

3:37 AM GMT+13  
Blogger Tyler D. said...


Although in car cameras are always fun.

10:54 AM GMT+13  
Blogger Mae said...

tyler d... sorry I may sound stupid but what does "meh" mean?

8:19 PM GMT+13  

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