Friday, February 02, 2007

Vilmars Corner

Really not that newsworthy but consider this a PSA if you are ever swimming in the Amazon: don’t pee in the water!!!

Here’s the video:


Like kinky sex? Into domination? Maybe a little S&M? You can do Australia ! Just become a psychologist.


Sorry, I can’t see what the difficulty is here and why it should cost $3,000,000 to close off some tunnels from Mexico to the US .

I’ll do it for free. They just have to give me some time-delay detonators and a couple hundred pounds of C-4. Problem fixed. If the walls collapse and homes cave-in, tough shit.



The Brits continue to suck camel-fornicators’ asses. This time they are re-orienting all the toilets AWAY from mecca. I’d make it a point to them orient ALL the other toilets in that direction and issue laxatives to all the prisoners telling them that not only were the toilets oriented towards mecca but that they should consider it their civic duty to sit on the toilets and send squishy “telegrams” to “Mo’ Ham, Ed!”


Amazing that Brits seek a policy of reconciliation with these savages even after they are getting caught attempting to kidnap British people and wanting to hack their heads off.

Sorry, but based on what I have seen taking place in England , maybe they deserve it.


These goat-fornicators are a bunch of frikkin’ perverts. Not even 4 year old girls are safe.

The links are here:

Islam and the molestation of little girls

Ayatollah Khomeini and a 4 year old girl.


Just being SUSPECTED of being lovers is enough to get your asses whacked by the religion of pissers.


If this does not piss you off, you are probably dead.....or a Muslim sympathizer.

Debbie Schlussel, having been threatened by a muslim over 3 years ago and having fought the FBI to prosecute these guys, finally gets a little satisfaction. But like she says, when the shoe is on the other foot (a non-muslim threatening a muslim, jail is almost immediate.)


Hat tips Vilmar, thanks once again and keep them coming.


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