Saturday, February 10, 2007

Leftist Asshat of the Week: Sean Penn

What is it with the lefty Holloywood crowd? They are prone to romantic delusions and are ususally just plain stupid or ignorant or both. So I had to laugh when actor Sean Penn spoke at a rally in support of Lieutenant Ehren Watada who is being court martialed at Ft. Lewis, WA, for refusing orders to go to Iraq. And what pearls of wisdom came out of Sean Penn's mouth? He said the lieutenant "took an oath to uphold international law." Sorry, Sean, but that is not correct. Watada took an oath to "protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic." That is the oath I took, and I'm sure it's still the same. Now, Penn should know better. If he doesn't, then he's a complete idiot. If he does, then he is lying on behalf of the leftist-driven anti-Iraq war agenda. And so is the lieutenant.

This guy knew exactly what oath he was taking when he took it, and he can't claim "conscientious objector" status after he voluntarily joins the military. One doesn't join the military on one's own terms, either. A lot of rights guranteed to civilians are not available to military personnel. It requires sacrifice and a giving of oneself to something greater. One of the things one gives away is determining where one wants to be deployed. The lieutenant knew that, too. Now, if he is really true in his convictions that the war in Iraq is illegal, immoral, violates international law - then he should plead guilty and take his 4 years at Leavenworth like a good little civil disobedientarian. But he is making a statement, and that is his intent. He, along with others in the countless list of leftist aparachiks, is attempting to transform the issue from one of conduct to one of speech and civil rights. They think that military matters should be handled like civil matters, and that this ruse of a concept known as "international law" should trump US law. Their views are heard because of useful idiots like the Holloywood lefties and their fellow operators in the music and other arts industries, and, unfortunately, a lot of their brain-dead fans take the words of these pretenders as the truth. This is the new cause celebre for the lefties (as you scroll this page pay attention to all the "Watada Watch" posts, especially all the links at the bottom.) Now that a mistrial has been declared, this will blow over, and they'll be back on the global warming bandwagon.

So what's it all about, Alfie? It's about repeating the mantra of (in this case) "international law" until enough unknowing people pick-up the chant (right out of the Goebels playbook: Repeat the lie often enough and it becomes the truth.) It's about undermining the institutions of a nation to destroy it from within. It's about a one-world, socialist utopia whose grace and beauty flows from the UN.


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